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Blacklight tattoos are badass!

That's actually pretty cool, but I still wouldn't get a tatoo.
So you'ld have to carry a blacklight around wiht you everywhere?
i suppose their no real reason for them unless you are around blacklights on a semi regular basis. like you go to raves or clubs a lot or some such activities.

but, not being that into tattoos myself, i wouldn't mind having one of those if you can only see them under blacklight and i'd look cool.
probably...a little bit, you are scaring yourself. but it's probably not very noticible unless you are really looking.
this is pretty noticable.

That's sick. I'm actually willing to get one of these, though I'm not really big on normal tattoos. I bet it's hard to find a shop with them though.
Holly Goodhead said:
this is pretty noticable.


i was just looking at that too...but if you'll notice the blood at the finger joints and the shininess on the arm, you'll not that it is completely fresh. That picture had to have been taken right after it was done, probably before the guy even left the shop.

after it heals...like i said before.
Holly Goodhead said:
this is pretty noticable.

That's because it was just done. You can tell because it's still bleeding. It supposedly goes away once it's healed.

Edit: Spider-X beat me to it.
Holly Goodhead said:
He looks like a burn victim

...you have to keep them lubricated as they heal otherwise they'll scab something fierce and it will distort the work.
Holly Goodhead said:
He looks like a burn victim

All tattoos look like that when you get them done. You just don't notice it as much with visible ink.
that'd be great for classes! haha.
Leto Atrides said:
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade comes to mind.

i didn't think she was as concerned with the class as she was with what was going on in Indy's pants.

note: the rhyme was unintentional...i appologize :( ...:D
The image Holly put up isn't coming up on my computer.
Glow in the dark would be cool. Glow in the blacklight wouldn't be. Not useful.
here's for holly:



see...you can barely even tell, keeping in mind the questionalbe quality of these pics
I'd totally give myself a evil-mask thingie and scare the **** out of other kids while playing laser tag

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