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Buying comics online


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Apr 16, 2006
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I hate traveling 3 hours to get my comics, so I'm wondering for the people in UK/Ireland, what's the best store to order from online and how long would delivering normally take?
I use www.wolfcomics.com.

Really friendly service and always been quick with delivery for me (as well as quick with any email queries I've had). Not sure how they compare price wise but I've never felt ripped off and there is an option for free postage too which is a nice bonus.

New comics are dispatched early wednesday mornings generally and arrive thursday/friday providing royal mail doesn't do anything silly.

I've also used mega city comics, bit more expensive but just as good if not quite as friendly.

Hope this helps :)
with digital comics, a big part of the problem is solved.

Buy online: instantly delivery.
Personally I use Reed Comics. They've always been really nice to me in any emails and can't do enough to help. I'll continue to use them purely because of that. I order on a Friday and get them by Tuesday. I usually let my basket pile up anyhow so I'm not fussed about being behind.

I have a friend that uses Forbidden Planet and preorders everything, but I don't like that. Also heard good things about Disposable Heroes.
Must try Reed.

I used comic zone and it took a week to ship and 5 days to arrive.
Some of my orders didn't come. I'm guessing they are not on sale yet.
Yeh, I think Reed is the way to go. I mean obviously it'll take a bit longer with you being Ireland, but still, can't put a price on service.
I use disposableheroes.co uk, they are pretty good delivery wise as it's free, and they are Belfast based so may be even quicker delivery if your in Ireland, you can also check their shop out through ebay.

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