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Cage up for GR2...

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Nov 17, 2005
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just waiting for the call per the front page of SHH! Lawsuit must be dealt with first and the strike.
Thats awesome, at least we now know he would be willing to do a sequel, and i for one would be willing to have him back.

Lets hope we start hearing more about GR2 in the coming months.
Hmm, well I didn't mind Cage so much as I did everything else.
I actually thought he was pretty good.

So if they restructured everything else, I'm there. Elsewise it'll be a rental.
I dunno, the first movie was good, but I don't think Cage is a great Johnny Blaze.
^I thought he was great as the movie version, which was very close to the comic book version in all fairness.
Well I have problems with Nic Cage for 2 reasons:

1) He's too old to play JB. JB looks like a 20s-something aged man to me.
2) Nic Cage doesn't even look like JB!

I agree the portrayal was picture-perfect, but Nic Cage wasn't the best choice.
I'd be glad to see him back, just as long as the movie is significantly better and inkeeping with the tone of GR.

My only reservation is how much of the budget his wage would gobble up. Money that could be spent on more action.

^Well if we get a slightly bigger budget, i dont think that would be a problem.
The budget was only as high as it was because of all the experimenting, trial & error with the F/X and the long shelf time. They could produce the same film now for much cheaper so raising the budget isn't needed. Fixing the characters and the story is.
I doubt that. I can't imagine rendering GR and his bike is cheap.
I doubt that. I can't imagine rendering GR and his bike is cheap.

Maybe not cheap, but they had to build the FX from scratch the first time. There's a LOT less prep work they'd have to do for a sequel, I'd imagine.

I'd be interested in looking at a budget breakdown for the first movie, now that I'm thinking about it. Like what percentage went to FX, cast salaries and whatnot.

I'm definitely down with Cage returning.:up:
I don't care how they do it, as long as they bring back his CG abs!

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