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Apr 17, 2008
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Remember Me, A Brand New Action-Adventure Game, Published By Capcom 14, 2012 . 2:59am

Capcom and Dontnod Entertainment have announced a new action-adventure game that has you playing as Nilin, a “memory hunter” trying to recover her own memory.

Remember Me’s “Memory Remix” Feature Lets You Alter People’s Memories

August 14, 2012 . 4:14amRemember Me takes place in a setting where personal memories can be digitized, bought, sold and traded.

source: siliconera.
The gameplay trailer is better than the regular trailer, though I liked that too. My interest is piqued. I see a mix of a lot of other video games, and some I N C E P T I O N as well.

It's always nice to see new titles that are not sequels.
I'm just glad it's not a shooter set in the desert.

That only happens with present day military based games which why i stick to spy themed or under cover cop themed games, super hero themed ones almost any thing else but that. Unless it some thing like fallout or boarderlands which both had sci fi and has something else too it. Other wise i won't touch it, if it's both just a military shooter / desert themed. which was why you never saw me in the spec ops the line thread. It has to have/be a really enticing catch to it.

Any way's looks like watch Dog's has some competition.
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Looks like some free flow combat, nice! Also, I like that the protagonist is a woman
This should be incredibly interesting. I think I'll enjoy this very much.
The visuals aesthetics reminds me of Watch_Dogs but having more cyberpunk is never a bad thing.
Why Remember Me isn't Adrift anymore

(1 hour ago)

As of just "three or four months ago," Capcom and Dontnod's "Adrift" – first revealed during 2011's Gamescom Expo – wasn't yet named "Remember Me." Beyond "Adrift" being a code name, there's more to what precipitated the name change – a tonal shift for the game, for instance. "At the very beginning, memory wasn't even involved. We wanted to have a game of politics, economy, environment going 'adrift,'" Dontnod creative lead Jean-Maxime Moris told us in an interview this morning.

"And then, when we started the technology aspect of it, we decided to focus on social networks, and explore the memory theme," Moris added. As such, the name "Adrift" no longer fit into Dontnod's vision for the project – though we'd argue that it's still a pretty boss name, and certainly more interesting than "Remember Me."

Given the approximately four years of development Remember Me has thus far been lavished with, why change the name so late in the project? "Thinking of bringing the game to market, it wasn't a good fit anymore," Moris said. It also wasn't just up to Dontnod. "The proposal actually came from Capcom," Moris said. "We found it really together with Capcom."

Moris added that Remember Me fits as a name, "because it's personal, and that's what I really wanted for the game ... I want people to see our game as more about intimacy than about just hyper powers and enhancements." He's certainly not joking about that last claim – Moris took to Capcom's Gamescom press conference stage yesterday to relate a story of his first date with his girlfriend, where he tied the perception of that experience to the themes explored in Remember Me. He felt he was a failure during the date, and he wondered how things would've played out had he only done a few things differently. Thankfully for Moris, his lady friend saw things differently.

Dontnod and Capcom's Remember Me launches in May 2013 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

I wonder what Capcom is going to withhold as DLC.
Looks very cool.
Stealing and manipulating memories looks and sounds pretty awesome. Watched IGN's gameplay clip where you go back and try to make the guy murder his wife....or rather make him *think* he remembers murdering his wife. Looked good, but from that video, I couldn't tell if there was some kind of penalty for ****ing up.
I expect that was a basic scenario, I'm hoping they get more complex with different variations - still I really liked what I saw.
Before seeing the trailer I was thinking of Total Recall, then the trailer got me lost
Nothing new in gameplay I bet, and definitely nothing new when it comes to story, but I'll give it a shot
It's been in developement for 4 years so I hope it turns out good. But the more I watch the trailer/gameplay vid the less I like what I see.
Three Key Points To Remember About Remember Me

on Aug 16, 2012 at 07:00 PM

We spoke with the game’s creative lead about killing, hacking, and controlling time.

... More

I'm liking what I'm seeing. It's quite interesting. But I don't know if that is enought to hold me. Need to see more gameplay.
The last mission ;)
So possible, right?
They did it with Asura's Wrath. The last 4 missions.
Remember Me's plans extend to next-gen consoles, Capcom looking to build 'into a major franchise' (52 minutes ago)


When Nilin's finished exploring the Neo-Paris of Dontnod Entertainment's Remember Me, that likely won't be the last of her adventures. Capcom senior producer Mat Hart says that the publisher wants more than just a one game from Dontnod. "We're looking to build a long-lasting relationship with them [Dontnod] as a developer, and built this into a major franchise," Hart told me in an interview this week.

He was responding to a question about the game's release window – May 2013 – and the risk Capcom takes in launching a new IP during a very, very crowded release season. "The thing is, if you leave it too late into next year, then you are starting to straddle that line where you're starting to move into the next generation consoles. And what we wanna do is make sure we launch this on the current generation of consoles, to really sell it in, and establish it as a new IP. And then build the franchise out in line with the new consoles coming out."

New properties can be hard to find in the final years of a console cycle, with many publishers instead choosing to launch alongside new hardware. Hart understands that risk, of course, but pointed out that "there's a clear difference between a risk and gamble."

Specifically, he said, "You've seen the footage we've released of the game, and it's easy to see that Remember Me has the hallmark qualities of a top tier title. So we're very confident it competes in that particular landscape."Remember Me

Remember Me's 'Neo-Paris' was a 'late choice,' US / AU both considered

(1 hour ago)

The art style of Dontnod Entertainment's "Neo-Paris" in Remember Me is stunning, and the vision of a futuristic Eiffel Tower glimmering in the background of many images gives the game a distinctive look – not dissimilar from the beauty of modern day Paris. The city may be a staple of the game now, but Remember Me's development saw Nilin potentially memory jacking foes in the United States or Australia before settling on the dev team's home base.

"Since the beginning, I really wanted to have Remember Me not being all French, for instance," Dontnod creative lead Jean-Maxime Moris told us in an interview this week at Gamescom. "Neo-Paris was a late choice, because we wanted to stay away from it. We had that global warming element to the game," Moris added, a reference to the concepts we saw last year when the game was still known as "Adrift."

"First we thought about Australia or the US, and then we were like, 'Well, let's just stick to Paris, because we have all the material, it's a great city, and it hasn't been done in the way we wanna do it,'" Moris said. Beyond just a thematic shift, the choice of Neo-Paris fits with the game having an international feel, he said.

"There are French elements to the game, but we wanted it to have some American appeal – kind of really extending the scope of the city, and the characters, and the scope of the robots. And at the same time, there is definitely a Japanese feel to it with the cyberpunk theme. Japanese have been eating cyberpunk for breakfast for 30 years now. Ghost in the Shell, and Akira and all those things," Moris added.

We might've followed up to that question, but we were too busy thinking about Japanese people eating cyberpunk for breakfast. What a dangerous proposition!

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I'm liking what I'm seeing. It's quite interesting. But I don't know if that is enought to hold me. Need to see more gameplay.

So possible, right?
They did it with Asura's Wrath. The last 4 missions.

They did!!? Bwahahaha, that's hilarious, I didn't know that but now my comment actually has some serious weight to it hahaha! Capcom never cease to surprise me.
This looks interesting to me. Hope Capcom can make something that deserves all the sequels they're thinking about.
The setting and main character are great, but the gameplay doesn't look like my cup of tea.
If this is another one of those games with "Protect a moving vehicle" mission, I'm not going for it, they're fine -to a degree- in some games, total meh in others

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