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Jun 5, 2005
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Just bought the trade (VOL. 2 - as they didnt have VOL.1) which collects Captain Britain weekly #24-39, Super Spider-Man & Captain Britain weekly #231-238. Some really nice art by John Buscema, Tom Palmer and Ron Wilson. Guest stars include Cap. America, Nick Fury and the Red Skull. Gonna read it when I get home from work tonight. :up:

[EDIT - Inserted cover of Tpb:-]


I was introduced to CB in my teens - namely the Moore and Davis version; so it'll be interesting reading the stories were he's still in his red costume and having to use his power-staff before his later 'power up' (which is the version that I'm used to).

I can't help feeling that Cap's lost his way sumwhat recently (I have to admit, I'm not really digging his current incarnation with Excalibur) and thinking of his past adventures makes me wish he could go back solo again.

Any one have any views?

[ANOTHER EDIT - just come across this Ryan Ottley commisioned CB - nice:-]

I'd prefer to see Captain Britain on a revamped Excalibur that's more like the Avengers of Europe than in a solo book. I also liked him as the ruler of Otherworld--we just didn't get to see much of him in that role. Then Claremont got ahold of him and ran him into the ground as a one-note, boring, straight-laced leader on New Excalibur.

Anyway, Paul Cornell will be writing Excalibur when Claremont moves to New Exiles, so he may be able to reinvigorate Captain Britain a bit. I'll be checking his run out to see how it goes. :up:
If it's billed as an X-book, I'm definitely passing.
Depends on why it's billed as an X-book for me. Exiles was still billed as an X-book after Bedard brought Power Princess and Spidey 2099 onboard.
Basically if Juggernaut makes the team roster, I'm passing. :o
I doubt he will. He's probably back to trampling stuff and scaring small children.
It remains under the purview of the X-office, but then, Excalibur has always been so, given that that's the team it's most associated with.
That Ottley pic is pretty sweet. I much prefer his later costumes that are primarily red and white, but his original costume wasn't too bad. A bit ninja-esque for no apparent reason, but not bad. :up:
Ottley's pics are generally pretty awesome. is his website/blog, and it's got a TON of awesome Marvel commisions and drawings he's done just for fun.
That's a great piece. I love Captain Britain's original costume.
This thread got me looking some stuff up on Brian and I came across this spotlight on him, complete with a costume gallery. The only one it's missing is his current, New Excalibur costume, which I found a pic of online:


I definitely like #2 in the costume gallery most. It's a clean, simple design that really pops and makes Brian look badass. :up:
It's such a mishmash of a costume, but it works. Great Ottley commission :up:
I definitely like #2 in the costume gallery most. It's a clean, simple design that really pops and makes Brian look badass.

I like the second one, myself.

EDIT: You totally changed #3 to #2, didn't you?
I like #2 - Davis' 1st design; it's the one I was 1st introduced to and it's the one that I more closely associate with Brian's finest stories to date (Slaymaster, Kapton Briton etc), namely:-





One thing for sure, tbh, I can't stand the costume he has now. I hate it with a passion. :cmad:

If I had my druthers, I'd have them return Brian to that costume, ditch the mask/helmet thing, give him back Excalibur, and give him a blue cape with the lion emblem in white on the back. That'd be a sweet costume.
I like the second one, myself.

EDIT: You totally changed #3 to #2, didn't you?
Pff, no. That's crazy talk from a crazy guy. I don't know what you're talking about, crazy guy. Why don't you go somewhere and be crazy in peace? :whatever:
I actually like Captain Britains look in Avengers volume 3, ish 80. He had a very Scandanavian look to him with the long hair, a platt (if that's the correct word) and the norse-esque clothing.

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