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Cast "Sin City: Hell and Back".........


Jun 13, 2004
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The Main Two Characters.

Wallace- I think Christian Bale wouldn't be a bad Wallace, neither would Orlando Bloom.:cool:


Esther- Esther Baxter!!!!!:p J/K. Someone young and talented, not to mention beautiful, like Gabrielle Union or Meagon Good.


as for the other characters.

Purvis-Steve Buscemi

Scientist#1-John Malkovich

Scientist#2- _ _ _ _ _ _

Manson- _ _ _ _ _ _

Manson's partner Bundy-

Corrupt Cop Liebowitz-James Gandolphini

Delia- _ _ _ _ _ _

Jerry- Michael Rosenbaum

Manute-Michael Clarke Duncan

Assassin/Sniper- Danny Trejo

Maxine- _ _ _ _ _ _

Liebowitz's Son, Josh- Scott Mouter

Mariah- Nikki Cox

Herr Walanquist- _ _ _ _ _ _
Johnny Depp I say!

For Who?


No, for Wallace.

y'know, from the beginning it was gonna be Hell & Back, and Johnny Depp signed on ?
Did He???? hmm....that's interesting. He would definitely work for Wallace though.
ditch Gabrielle Union and Orlando Bloom and i'll co-sign.
there was talks about Depp being affiliated with Hell and Back
but i'm not sure how solid the talks were if anything was agreed.
the dude would make a great main char.
agreed. Depp would work, he's just a bit older now and seems real busy.
Yes, And He's Stuck in a lot of Chocolate right now.
LOL^ Depp looks pale as f**k in da teaser poster too.
Yeap, hope he doesnt SCARE the children in the movie.

But if i know Burton, he'll make something in the middle...
Depp for Wallace, and the orange chick, I've forgot her name, should Eva Mendes play. The scientist with the creepy needle, Ed Harris. No doubt.
Kade said:
Depp for Wallace, and the orange chick, I've forgot her name, should Eva Mendes play. The scientist with the creepy needle, Ed Harris. No doubt.
The name was Mariah.:):up:
And the corrupt cop should be played by Gary Busey.
Be specific on which corrupt cop LOL.:D;)
Liebowitz 'course. Also, the short story "Daddy's Little Girl" shoudl be the intro to Sin City 2.
Liebowitz needs to be bald. Busey isnt. Is he bald and round now??
That's true. Nick Stahl is a perfect example.
I can picture Busey as Liebowitz now, now Gandolphini however, wouldn't require any prostatics. Cheaper for production.;)
Becky: An Old Town prostitute. She is working for the Colonel, mainly due to the fact the Colonel holds her mother hostage.

The Colonel: Shadowy crime boss seen only occasionally. He seems to be involved in everything, including assassination, vice, kidnapping, and smuggling. He works for Wallenquist.

Is Becky bad?
She is a treacherous little b***h, yes. Gail and the oldtown girls couldv'e protected her mom, it was the insane amount of cash they offered her that led to the inevitable betrayal of young Becky, and in TBFK she gave them Gail, who had to be exchanged for Jacky-Boy's head....

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