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Cast the Legion of Doom.

I'll elect to draw on the rosters from both the cartoon and the recent comics:

Lex Luthor: Michael Rosenbaum (not going to happen, but I can dream)
Joker: Crispin Glover
Grodd: CGI, voice Brian Cox
Cheetah: Kate Hudson (a rich, entitled, spoiled girl-woman who automatically generates negative feedback from me, she'd be perfect)
Solomon Grundy: Adam Baldwin
Toyman: Carrot Top (come on, who wouldn't pay to see this guy get punched in the face repeatedly by Batman)
Brainiac: Jeremy Irons
Legion of Doom (Casting Call)

Terry O'Quinn as Lex Luther

Jeremy Irons as Brainiac

Dennis Leary as The Joker

Jack Black as The Penguin

Christian Slater as The Riddler

Billy Bob Thornton as Solomon Grundy

Tim Curry as Sinestro
Wow. Tim Curry was my second choice for Sinestro next to Jason Isaacs. I thought he was too old though, so I went with Isaacs.

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