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Cast A Live-action ''american Dad'' Movie!


Dec 27, 2007
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Tittle shays Everything. My catches:

Stan Smith - Patrick Warburton.
Francine Smith - Kate Hudson.
Steve Smith - Kodi-Smith Mcphee.
Haley Smith - Thora Birch.
Klaus - Original Voice.
The Alien - Doug Jones with original voice.
Doug Jones again? :p

and the alien's name is Roger. When was the last time you watched the show, man? :D and McPhee seems a bit too young to play Steve. Kodi is like 10 or 11. I think Steve is like 14 or 15.

I Watch it all time, but i really forgot his name.
Can we just stop this stupid trend now? What's the point in casting a live-action movie of a mediocre cartoon like "American Dad"? And Kate Hudson is only three years older than Thora Birch, so...yeah. Leaving now.
Oh, now i'm going to cry.

Don't like it? Don't buy it.

The exit is the second door on the left.

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