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Come Write For Lg Comics!


May 21, 2004
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lately ive been thinking of a starting my own continuity of superheros with about 6 different titles all co-existing with-in each other (like the DC universe or the Marvel universe). but since of course i cant write for all of them i thought about getting some help. i would give u the characters orgin and some direction but mostly leave it up to u where to take them (but directions have to be aproved before writting). we would all comunicate w/ each other on whats going on in the LG universe so to not make any continuity errors. but i believe if this is done right then this could actaully be very fun and cool for the writters involved and the readers.

if u r interested in being a writter for LG comics then please post here or pm me. i am looking for about 7 or 8 so please post or pm asap. also include something about urself, if u have written anything before give me a link where i can go and read it, and also ur favorite superhero (because if i know that then i could probably pick which title is best for u)

thanx alot
I'm no writing genius but I'd be happy to write for you. Just tell me some of the charachters and I'll do whatever with them.
oooh that sounds pretty cool,Ill help...if the charecters are cool
if u r interested, which by the way thanx for all the intrest, pm me and give me a gist of ur writting stle and also tell me ur favorite hero so i can get a feel for which title u would enjoy writting for.

thanx alot guys
id like to help with this. ive done alot of fanfic projects but theyve all been lost to time across the net.
I would really like to know how this turned out? Anyhting happen with this?
Yeah, is this an online deal or an actual paid gig - or could it become a paid gig?

enterthemadness, where in eastern N.C. are you from? I'm from the same area...
if there is anyone still interested in this please pm me and maybe we can still work something out. im sorry ive been away from the hype for awhile and thats y it kinda fell apart
I'd be interested if you could post more details. Also I want to say, though I am interested. That doesn't mean I'll be very dedicated
no these will be free on the internet, more than likely in their own thread on the hype

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