Complete waste of time studious present: A Hype parody of writing a Hype parody.


Oct 19, 2004
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Complete waste of time studious present:​

The Hype:

INT. We see an overview of the city of community the downtown area of the “luxurious” city, Skyline ala Blade runner we pan over each skyscraper of the metropolis And soon we reach a building saying:
We pan over to one room a small office with a table, Karem-Knight, Weapon Z2 and The Amazing Lee.

INT. A small office in the Hype Productions building.

Weapon Z2: Ok, So we’re supposed to do what?
Karem-Knight: We’re supposed to write another one of those parodies.
Weapon Z2: Yeah but what about?
Karem-Knight: That’s what I’ve been asking you guys for the last 10 minutes of course Lee over there is to drunk to tell what day it is and you’re………………………..Canadian.
Weapon Z2: HEY!
Karem-Knight: Oh yeah and where’s Dog Lips, It’s his fault that we’re even on this project.
Weapon Z2: How so?
INT. We see the main office of the hype building with the TV executives Dew K Mosi, Elijah and Morg, With Dog Lips in front of them.
Dog Lips: Hey, errrrrrr ya know how you said that I could be like you if I can make a new TV show, Well I got one that REALLY original
Dew stands up.
Dew: I’m sorry, Original!?
Dog Lips: Well errrrr
Dew: ORIGINAL! (Screaming)
Dog Lips: Ok ok please please I’ll do what you want just don’t hurt me! (Crying)
Karem-Knight: That’s what I’ve been asking you guys for the last 10 minutes of course Lee over there is to drunk to tell what day it is and you’re………………………..Canadian.

Parodying Hype parodies is not a parody without DBella
INT. Back in the office

Weapon Z2: Wait, So we’re doing it cause of that idiot?

Karem-Knight: Yep.

The Amazing Lee Gets up

The Amazing Lee: What I’d miss?

Weapon Z2: I thought he was drunk.

Karem-Knight: Nah he’s normally like that.

Dog Lips enters the room in a rush.

Karem-Knight: Where the hell have you been!?

Dog Lips; SHHHhhhh, Have you seen Elijah!?

Karem-Knight: Yeah why?

Dog Lips; Was he in a good mood?

Weapon Z2: No not really.

Dog Lips: Oh crap.

Karem-Knight: What happened?

Dog Lips: Well errrrrrr.

INT. A cab A psychotic looking Bored who looks like he hasn’t slept in days looks around his windshield with Dog Lips behind him.

Dog Lips: So you dr

Bored: SHUT UP!

All of a sudden a luxurious car over takes Bored’s Taxi.

Bored: He took my space (Screaming)

Bored gets a baseball bat out, And starts hitting the car, Elijah gets out, Dog Lips watches in horror and runs out of the car, Elijah notices him.

Elijah: Dog Lips! Get back here!

INT. Back in the office.

Karem-Knight: Just shut up and sit down.

Dog Lips sits down nervously.

Karem-Knight: Ok so do any of you have any ideas on what we could do?

Jessica Alba’s Lover: I do, How about we follow Jessica Alba on her day to day life EVERYWHERE she goes.

The other writers stare at him.

WeaponZ2: Why is he here?

Dog Lips: I don’t know I thought he was with you

Weapon Z2: Wasn’t with me, K-K did you bring him here?

Karem-Knight: LEE!

The Amazing Lee:…………………… I thought that welll……….

Weapon Z2: What?

The Amazing Lee:…………………..He was a hooker.

Karem-Knight: Dog Lips why did you hire him?

Dog Lips:………….Dew told me to.

Karem-Knight: That’s it you two come with me.

Jessica Alba’s Lover: Hey, You didn’t listen to me!

Karem-Knight: Go away.

JAL attempts to hit Karem-Knight but KK dodges and JAL falls down

JAL: I’ll get you! (Screaming)
INT. Karem-Knight, Weapon Z2 and Dog Lips walk in to the main office, Morg, Elijah and Dew K Mosi are there, Dog Lips turns away so he doesn’t have to face Eijya

Dew K Mosi: Dog Lips!

Dog Lips imminently turns round

Eijya: How may we help you?

Karem-Knight: Well we want to get rid of someone in our staff.

Dew: What!?

Weapon Z2: Well cause he’s a nut case and he brought this guy obsessed with Jessica Alba and……….

Dew: Silence!

Dew presses a button and vaporizes Weapon Z2 he turns into a skeleton , Karem-Knight and Dog Lips stare in shock.

Dew: You were saying?

Karem-Knight: er Yeah um I think I saw Morg’s car getting toed.

Morg continues to stare at his magazine

Dew: Do not waste my time! Get out!

Dog Lips: Can I just ask, What were we doing again?

Dew: A parody of a movie or something a sitcom, Something funny but that’s been done so we can just make it better with better looking actors, And now that you weren’t listening you’re punishment!

Dew presses the button.

Dog Lips; Oh sh….

The laser kills JAL. And he turns into a skeleton as well.

Karem-Knight: How the hell did he get there?

INT Back in the office

Karem-Knight: Ok, So Lee and Dog Lips I need an idea from you, Have you got ANYTHING!?

A long pause fills the room.

Karem-Knight: Ok, this is going great.

The Amazing Lee: No it isn’t.

Karem-Knight: I know, I was being s…. Never mind.

Dog Lips: Ok, well since I’m the most famous actor in ALL of hype productions I think I should be the main character.

Karem-Knight: Dog Lips, We don’t HAVE a main charcter, We don’t HAVE a script, We don’t HAVE an idea!

Dog Lips: Ok how about this!

Karem-Knight: What?

Dog Lips; We do a parody on Blade Runner, Star Trek, Star Wars, EVERYTHING And we call it SPAMMERS IN SPACE!

Karem-Knight: Did you get that idea from another Movie that this studio made?

Dog Lips: Shut up.

Karem-Knght: Ok, How about we do a parody, Dog Lips think of a movie, Lee you think of errrrrrrr Go get us some Coffee.

Lee runs out the room.

Dog Lips: How about we do it about Pulp Fiction!?

Karem-Knight: Nah to predictable

Dog Lips: Escape from New York?

Karem-Knight: Maybe but, Ya know, 9/11 and everything.

Dog Lips: Oh wait I got something

Karem-Knight: What?

Lee comes back with some condoms
Karem-Knight: Lee come here.

Karem-Knight hits Lee in the face and throws the condoms in the trash, Karem-Knight goes out of the office.
Nobody takes my space!:cmad:

OR my story!

But mostly my space, dammit!
INT. Coffee lounge, Darthphere a middle aged fat man is staring at a TV screen the coffe maschine says

Free suicide Pill.

Karem-Knight; Um excuse me?

Darthphere: What?

Karem-Knight: Can I have three coffees and one suicide pill?

Darthphere gets out a suicide pill.

Darthphere: That’ll be about $83.46

Karem-Knight: What why?

Darthphere: Look coffee is free your paying for the pill.

Karem-Knight: But it says Free Suicide pill

Darthphere: It’s a way of getting money and people we don’t like to work here, Now do you want to die or not?

Karem-Knight: Well it’s for a friend so.

Darthphere: You’re killing your own friend?

Karem-Knight: How long till these things take affect?

Darthphere: About 3 seconds

Karem-Knight: Ah.

Darthphere turns around to makes the coffee KK accidentally slips the pill in Darthphere’s drink.
Karem-Knight: oh SH……

Darthphere: Here you go.

Karem-Knight: Um thanks.

Karem-Knight: By the way!

Darthphere is about to drink his bear.

Darthphere: What?

Karem-Knight: Never mind.

Darthphere drinks his bear and all of a sudden falls to the ground.

Karem-Knight: Did not see it did not see it.

INT. The office (again)

Karem-Knight: Ok here you all go.

The Amazing Lee and Dog Lips take their coffee

Dog Lips: Anyway, How about we do a parody of writing a parody?

Long pause

Karem-Knight: What!?

Dog Lips: Think of it, Me A BIG STAR again, Working in an office which I do, SO I CAN BE……..A STAR FOR BEING MYSELF!

Karem-Knight: Lee, You got anything?

The Amazing Lee: Wha?

All of a suddern Karem-Knight’s phone rings, Electro UK is calling.

Karem-Knight: What now?

Electro UK: Well err, Some guys were jokingly calling me fat and I started on them and then they beat me up and took my cloths, Can you help me!

Karem-Knight: Wait who were these people?

Electro UK: One of them was a drug dealer named Wilhelm Scream

Karem-Knight: Where he go?

Electro UK: He went down to the Techs

Karem-Knight hangs up.


The Amazing Lee, Dog Lips and Karem-Knight run out cheering
INT. A cab, It’s the same one that Dog Lips was in and with the same driver.

Dog Lips: I can’t believe out of all of community I get the same Taxi Driver twice on the same day.

Bored turns around in a rush

Bored: What you say!?

Dog Lips sits still in cold blood

Dog Lips: Nothing

Karem-Knight: Ok I think we’re near the area that wimp told me they went.

All of a sudden traffic is heard and the car is hit., Bored stares at the car in mass rage.

Karem-Knight: What the hell happened!?


Bored gets his shot gun out, He then gets out a magnum for Lee.

Bored: You in!?

The Amazing: A GUN!

Karem-Knight and Dog Lips slowly get out the car.

EXT. Community city “The Techs” an area owned by Wilhelm Scream and Erzengel (Until he died from overdosing on water) It’s a slummy hellish place to live, Ya know like errr Iraq.

Karem-Knight: er Hi Do you know where we can find Wilhelm Scream?

The Sum of God: JOIN ME TO FIGHT THE Illuminati! Yelling

Karem-Knight: er do you?

Ghostrider87: Hey do you like girls from hooters?

Karem-Knight: Well no not particularly OH DEAR GOD!

Ghostrider 87 shows the head of a Hooters girl.

Dog Lips: Hey KK I found him.

Karem-Knight walks over to Dog Lips, We see Wilhelm sitting with a box of crates.

Karem-Knight: Can you go get it?

Dog Lips: Why?

Karem-Knight: I’ll tell Holy Goodhead you beat him up.

Dog Lips walks over to Wilhelm

Wilhelm: Dog Lips, What now?

Dog Lips: You got any weed?

Wilhelm: How much do you want

Dog Lips: Enough in time to finish a scrip for two.

Wilhelm grabs a three packs of weed

Wilhelm: $80,000

Dog Lips points to the sky

Dog Lips: Hey look it’s Drakon the president

Wilhelm: Where!

Dog Lips punches Wilhelm and grabs the weed and makes a run for it, He throws Karem-Knight half of it

Wilhelm: SHOOT HIM!

About 10 people appear and gun down Dog Lips, Karem-Knight just casually walks away.

INT. Near the hallway of the office Karem-Knight walks in to his office

Weapon Z2: Hey KK

Karem-Knight: Hey Weapon,

Long pause

Karem-Knight: Didn’t Dew vaporize you?

Weapon Z2: Well she meant to kill Dog Lips and Lee, I saw Lee and this psychotic Taxi Driver out side but what happened to Doggy?

Karem-Knight: errrrrrrrrr, Hey how did you come back?

Weapon Z2 shrugs

Karem-Knight: Anyway We’re ok with the script!
Karem gets out the weed,

We see a montage about them being high and accidentally dropping the weed from the window( Lasting 3 seconds)

Text appears:

About 10 minutes later.

Karem-Knight: Ok, We finally finished it!

Karem-Knight is about to press the save button when all of a sudden the electricity goes off.

So did Lee and I get back at that guy?

INT. We see the Hype productions producers room, Dew, Morg, and Elijah

Dew K Mosi: Well do you have anything?

Karem-Knight: Um well, There’s a funny story about that, You see……

Short pause

Karem-Knight: Umm one of our writers is dead, The other got turned into a skeleton and somehow came back, The other is a mass maniac,

Dew stares at Karem-Knight and gets a gun out she shoots Karem-Knight and Weapon Z2 Killing only Weapon Z2


Dew shrugs

Dew: Go away now, Finish the script by the end of the day.

Karem-Knight: Screw it I quit, I’m goanna go work for Coming Soon!

Dew closes the door.

Morg: Dam I didn’t know what to do when they quit!

Dew: Meh, at least Dog Lips is dead.

EXT. Community city, Karem-Knight walks along limping with blood on his shoulder


I want it all by Queen comes on for about 10 seconds with an overview of Karem-Knight walking with his head high.

EXT. An alleyway with no one living in it except Karem-Knight sitting on a box with a sign saying:


He sighs

Karem-Knight: Hey I wonder how that black out did happen.

EXT. The main nuclear power plant of Community, The Amazing Lee, Sum of God, Ghost rider 87 and Jessica Alba’s Lover charge


Ghostrider 87: FOR HOOTERS!


Bored: For my Taxi!

Jessica Alba’s Lover: FOR ALBA!

All of a sudden Electro UK jumps out, and finds Bored’s taxi and jumps into it. Bored sees this and charges at Electro UK, Picking him up he screams as they throw him into the main power voltage,


Jessica Alba’s Lover: It’s Alba’s!

The Amazing Lee: It’s shiny

All the nutcase run into it and we cut to all the power in the city being destroyed.

Credits role.

INT. The Hype productions main office, Dew Elijah and Morg are seen zapping penguins

They all keep laughing hysterically

Morg: Hey don’t we have an important thing to do today?

Dew K Mosi: eh We’re to rich to have jobs anyway, Keep zapping the penguins

Aftermath of the script:

Karem-Knight invested all his money on making a bomb to destroy Hype productions, He failed and accidentally bombed the city station………again
Dog Lips managed to survive his wounds and is now living his life in complete and utter pain
Weapon Z2 was turned into Dew’s master penguin to be revived and zapped repeatedly
Dew K Mosi, Morg and Elijah are still rich
All the idiots that jumped into the cable wire are still dead.

Complete Waste of time studios thank you for reading this god awful script.

You officially have no life if you did.
Dew Elijah and Morg are seen zapping penguins?

Dew wouldn't harm her penquins :p

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