Comic Book Artists Wanted!


Jan 7, 2007
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Hey guys,

I've got a new comic book idea i'm currently working on, and well, I wanna start getting some ideas down on paper. I'm a pretty good writer, who can write industry standard scripts (If such a thing exists!) but i'm a terrible artist.

So i'm throwing it out there, if you're a talented artist and fancy drawing something new then give me a PM or respond on here and we'll chat.

Oh, and before anyone starts anything, this is in *NO WAY* going to be paid work. At all. I have no publishing contract, I highly doubt anyone DC/Marvel wise will pick up this work or anything like that. This is just for fun.

So respond or PM for more details...
I wanted to PM you but I find it easier to chat this way ... except ... if you want to keep uR informations secret! :)
Anyway, I'm intersested, if you haven't already someone.
hahaha, no I can chat this way, my details aren't secret!

Basically, new hero, The Spike, kind of a DareDevil/Batman/Captain America type guy...

Well basically it's a new hero. The Spike.

He was a soldier, one of the best, but his very existence was denied by his Government. A set of super-soldiers, who were given in-effective serums. However, when his unit, led by his father are set up and sabotaged he escapes. Finding out his own father was behind everything he vows revenge, slowly working his way up through the Government until finally confronting his father.

He and his father fight, however finding himself unable to seek revenge on his father he walks away. Whilst standing in front of the Washington Monument during a torrential storm he screams at the sky. Then a lightning bolt hits an American flag atop the statue. It plummets to the ground, impaling him. However the electrified metal causes the serums in his blood to react, giving him super-strength, speed, and agility.

He pulls the flag from his body, waving it in defiance and makes a vow to fight crime in all its forms.

So that's like the basic thing then i'm gonna add a few supervillians and such.

I'll dig out my notes and give you a more detailed description tomorrow yeah?

at the moment i'm just getting like designs and stuff, but once i get an artists who i get on with i'll start going
If you looking for artists you can go to or there are a ton of guys you can browse through.
The Fan Art section of these boards have a lot of good artists' work on display as well.
These boards could EASILY be a hub for networking comic writers with artists. I am slowly getting back into the comic scene because the stories have a density to them that Hollywood is lacking as of late. Hence why all of the comic book adaptations are being released. Some might not be so well, but they have excellent source material to draw from.

I am sure there are other forums that help support this idea, but why can't sh-hype be one, too??

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