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ComicFan´s work


Nov 26, 2005
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There not much to say, I would like to get some feed back about my work, so please let me know what you think

don´t be shy:O

The first one:

The superman history, I didi this piece for a local comic expo, it has what I think are the best and most meaningfull moments of the man of steel history (post crisis):supes:

Great work, very cool.
coolest thing i've seen in a few months great job:up:
This is really cool :) I dont think I would ever have the patience for this kind of piece. :up:

The coloured shading isnt really doing it for me- on the backgrounds are fine, but its not doing anything on the characters. It kinda looks like you have just ambigious shading without much focus on any specific lighting source.

The big yellow "S" is a bit bright in the middle- i find it distracts from rather than inhances the characters. Maybe if you desaturated it a little.

The white motion lines on the bottom left characters IMO arent working at all. It would look better with out them. And if your going to have white lines around the characters, I would make them bigger.

Awesome stuff though
That's incredible. The big red space in the bottom right is a little too empty, but who am I to complain. Awesome.
i didnt even notice the big yellow S in the background....i was lookin at all the mini pics
This is a series of stories I have been working on, it three separate stories that takes place in three diferent worlds but at some point, the three merge, the series are called "Raza Antigua"

The first one:

His name is Legion, hi is a Demon and spirit hunter that travel around the world trying to find the demon that killed his family, he makes a pact with the forces of the ligth commiting his self to figth evil in his world, but in the process he is commdened because after he defeats the demons, he gains the powers and traits of the demons.
One of them is, but the others are just way too big
Comic Fan, as always you impress anywhere you post on the net. I'm glad you keep supplying me with desktops.:up::)
kiafu said:
Comic Fan, as always you impress anywhere you post on the net. I'm glad you keep supplying me with desktops.:up::)

Any time:)
Didn´t know where else to put these ones without starting a new thread, so, here they go

I know they arent´t that good, but they are quite old, now i´m working on new version of the three





theyre all really good, just skinny...i wish i knew how to sculpt or model stuff

and though wonder woman is good...her expression is going to give me nightmares
This guy is Alanor, his is a hunter that one day, after returning to his village from a hunting trip he finds that the town is destroyed, and his family is missing (actually some members are dead), so he stars a quest to find out who is responsable for this, after a while he finds an female elf that is looking for help, to defeat a wizard that has taken control over the elf montain. that is where the story really begins...


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