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Concept Artists




I am looking for concept artists and came across you guys through Yodaman(from thebrb.com). My name is Justin, I am 17 years old, and am an inspiring filmmaker. I am currently working on a fan film. I know there are many fan films out there, and I am not trying to make the next "Revelations" and I will admit that. Though, I am trying to make a fun, enjoyable film. Right now, Im in early stages of pre-production and...as stated before, Im looking for a few concept artists. I am looking for artists who can sketch out planets and background scenes...like, Temples, Cities, Planet Systems also interial shots like corridors and the likes...

I am planning to do this so it is easier to work with the post production team to create the cg to the way I like. Im trying to assemble 3-10 concept artists to make backgrounds and such, so I can shoot the film to match and have an idea of what I want...again, it would also give the few cg people a good look at the vision I have.

I'd prefer if you sent an email to [email protected] but its fine if you post here.

--Paradox Entertainment.
Is it a Star Wars fan film? If so I'd love to help out. However I have kind of a lot on my plate at the time but once I finish my entry for this month I should have more time to do stuff. Oh, and I'd be especially enthusiastic if you need any character/clothing concpet art. That stuff's loads of fun.
Nice, yea its Star Wars. I'll send you more info via email,
I'll send it to this email, saw it on your site.
[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][email protected]...

Thanks. Don't get too excited yet. It'll take me a little while before I can start doing a lot.

Don't think I got that email dude. Try sending it again.
Sure no problem, just hard to find people willing to work in general, so im hyped that I have someone behind me. I sent you an email, I'll be around for another 15 minutes or so...so yea.

Any more people interested?
Nice, do you have email, I'll send you the major info, then we can talk on aim or something sometime tommorow.
Cool, yea...just sent you an email

Any more people interested...the more the merrier?
doommachine, just sent it to your other email...the luke@ whatever.net heh. If it doesnt work, let me know and I'll send it via pm...do you have aim?
it worked. thanks.

I do have AIM, however I wouldn't rely too much on it. I can try to be on but I almost never do. XDooMMachineX.

We could schedule 'conference chats' at specific times if you want and that might make me more reliable, but like I said I rarely use AIM.
Haha, confrence chats, me and ampersand where talking about that last night, Im getting everyone on the list first, then I'll go from there, expect a bit more stuff withen the next 48 hours.
Any more people willing? I currently have 4, like I said before...the more the mierrier.!
i dunno if ill be anygood or have the time but pm me all the details
Hmm, sure...we'll...would you deffinitly helped out I I knew you could come to use, or do are you a little sketchy on it? Send me a link to your work, and I can tell you right away weather or not you would come to use...yay, possibly more people, sweet, haha

---Paradox Entertainment
Thanks, seriously...Ive been searchin everywhere, I had zero...thanks to you I have 4(possibly 5?)

Not sure if Spidey is in or not yet, besides him I have 4...so im looking for 1 or 2 more.
i dnt have a link to any work (i entered a bucky o'hare piece in this months fan art conest u could look at) depends what style/type of stuff you want
Yea, I checked it out, nice stuff...whats your aim and e-mail?

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