Could Sylar have been adverted?


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Apr 4, 2004
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I know it was a while ago, but I remember in "Six Months Ago" that Chandra found Gabriel and told him he was special, but then later told him that he could have been wrong, leading Sylar to an even bigger thirst for power. If Chandra had told Gabriel to truth about his power of seeing how things work, would he have accepted his power for what it was and not killed Brian Davis and so many others to steal their powers? Could he have been a good guy?
I don't think so. Because if he knew about his original ability he would've found out even sooner that he can steal other people's abilities. I don't think Chandra wasn't telling him the truth. It's just that Chandra didn't notice Sylar's original ability.
If I remember correctly, Chandra's data suggested that Sylar should have the teke ability. But Sylar was unable to show that he did through mulitple tests that Chandra put him through. So I think Chandra truly thought Sylar had no special ability.
I was watching the episode last week and noticed something, just as Chandra is doing his test and Gabriel is rambling, Chandra seems to notice something and just turns off the laptop and basically shoos Gabriel off, triggering his transformation into Sylar

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