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house of f

Oct 29, 2005
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ok after this if mutants were repoperlated

who would your mutants or group be


lizard skin-lizard and amphibious ablites and also because of speeded up mutashen from mgh use, because of already having the x gene -eric skan

demon-monster like aperance and charcteristics also has wings,and can spit fire like acid fename from his mother-larry worrthington

fearle and lycanthrope-beast like ablitys and lycan can control his transformation in to almost beast like forms with red,blue and white skined and his sister has beast like abliltys like the person she admires beast-jane adams and max adams

chase destiny-powers to see and send peoples mentle state in to the futre or past-trevor chase

jet and the blogers-being able to cover him or alter any mthing around him to alter anything into orangic metal and produce jet like energy like his two brouthers and one sister which can become ball like objects

core-can produce a stronge powerful distructive energy wich connpletley ingulves his body when he wishs and has telpathy and teleakines

done for now
im having a hard understanding your post. sorry.
I think he is saying that if Decimation was reversed. What Mutant teams would you create?

House of F created a team called 'Freaks X' with new characters with the Codenames, powers and actual names listed above.

I think 'Lizard Skin' is an amphibious looking mutant that has the ability to accelerate the mutation already present in some mutants.

'Demon' is a monster-like mutant that has wings and is covered in 'Acid Flames'

'Feral' and 'Lycanthrope' are multicoloured werewolf like characters who are brother and sister.

'Chase Destiny' projects peoples consciousness into the future or past (like he said).

'Jet' - Can cover himself and his sorroundings in organic metal, and 'produce jet-like energy' (im not sure about what that means)

and 'The Bloggers' are the three brothers and one sister of Jet who share his 'Jet like energy powers' and can merge into a ball shape, presumably for defesive and offensive combat.

I think that's right. Anyway, when it comes down to it, I don't really like the idea and the characters. It's just nothing I would really be interested in.
Let me take a crack at creating my own characters...


Full control over his vocal chords allow him make his voice sound like anything he wants. This includes sounding like other people, and Michael Winslow-esque sound effects. He can also increase the frequency of his voice to enduce sleepiness and nausea, and shatter glass. Cannot alter the volume or intensity of his voice like Banshee or Siryn.

Full light manipulation allows her to create illusions, turn invisible, and perceive the infared and ultraviolet light spectrums. Also makes a handy human flashlight.

Has the ability to shed her physical form and become pure psychic energy. In this form, she can only be seen and heard by living beings receptive to telepaths. She is highly receptive to residual psychic energy, can eavesdrop on other people's telepathic messages, reads minds by phasing into the heads of others, and requires concentration to physically (see also: telekinetically) interact with solid objects.

Through physical touch, he can place a unique magnetic field around a metal object. He can then manipulate this object any way he pleases, including using it as a magnet of either polarity. He lines the bottoms of his boots with steel, allowing him to simulate flight. He also wears steel wristbands, which he uses to attract in nearby metallic objects.

Teleporter. Folds the universe around him to create a sub-spatial rip that he can enter and exit at any location. Leaving these portals open exhausts him, and runs the risk causing a dangerous yet small explosion.

Feral. She has enhanced senses, strength, and agility. Her codename comes from her chipmunk-like buck teeth.

polar bear-a welsh mutant with a bear like aperance and beastel ablitys it also makes him good at rugby-gerint jamenson

draco-can morph in to a drogon form or an almost dragon like form wich adapts in differnt enviroment -leon jones

blized-being one of icemans cousns one day he ended up waking up and his room was complteley covered in ice snow and water also he has learnte that he can maniperlate water and ice-eddy drake

evoler ravolver-can create cretures and control the groth and evoltun of some cretures-dame johnson

grub- bug like abilty and apperance and has super stenght and knows one day he may alter and change from a basci youthful forum-alexnder christn

dremer-she has the ablity to make a persons dream real or like analoshen-jane morgan
house of f said:
evoler ravolver-can create cretures and control the groth and evoltun of some cretures-dame johnson
I know that most mutants are god-like, but that's just pushing the envelope. Creating life, and pushing existing creatures higher or lower on the evolutionary scale? Come on...
Totally didn't mean to put this character on here
no not realy because there called freak x even thou thats a good idea

boomer-sound control able to increase and produce increble sound and also vibracne -alex mac
boomer cool character bad name maybe it should be soundwave
It's the not too distant future and a new generation of X-Men has emerged...welcome to Age-X: Children of the Atom.

Crimson/Katherine-Anne Summers: Daughter of Cyclops and Emma Frost. Named after her grandmother. Has a strong disdain for her mother after discovering her sordid past. This has prompted her to dye her hair red in order to anger her even more. A huge flirt with few inhibitions and a lust for life. Has the ability to manipulate the same energy her father's optic blasts consist of.

Harbinger/Charles Summers: Crimson's twin brother. Named after Xavier. A mutant supremicst and anarchist who has taken Magneto's old views to the extreme. Has left the Institute to start a new brotherhood. His powers are a mix of his father's and mother's. Whenever he makes eye contact with someone without his ruby-quartz shades, he psionically enters their mind, causing extreme chaos.

Blitz/Nileena Munroe: Daughter of Storm and Wolverine after a brief past relationship. Like her mother she is kind, graceful, and serene, but like both her parents she is a ferocious force of nature in battle. Has the ability to manifest claws of pure electricity resembling her fathers'.

Cain Neramani Xavier: Son of Xavier and Lilandra. Named after his step-uncle. Grew up with his mother on the Shi'Ar homeworld. Strongly resented his father for leaving him at such a young age to return to Earth. Looks up to Gladiator as a father figure. At his mother's urging he has travelled to Earth and joined the X-Men. Though he is a fierce and proud warrior, Cain possesses no mutant genes.

Cajun/Ettienne LeBeau: The son of Gambit and Rogue. Nobody is quite sure of how Ettinne was born or even conceived for that matter, and his parents have kept that a tightly guarded secret. Leads the X-Men however he has a bit of a rebellious streak that worries his parents. His body continuously generates kinetic energy which grants him superspeed, agility, and limited flight.

Brit/Brittany Braddock: The daughter of Captain Britain and Meggan from an alternate timeline. She is sweet, honest, and kind, the definition of a good girl. Finding that both her parents were deceased in this timeline, she fell under the custody of her aunt, Psylocke. Has the ability to create powerful illusions, levitate, and speak with the earth.

Ajax/Peter Rasputin Jr.: The son of Colossus and Nereel, the Savage Land tribal warrior. In a fierce battle with a rival tribe Peter was the only survivor. With nothing left for him in the Savage Land, he travelled to the Institute where he now lives with his father who is now married to Shadowcat. Very willing to please his father as best he can, Peter quickly learned all he could and is a very studious young man. Has the ability to grow to towering heights.
Actually back in the day I wrote a little fanfic team idea Called Exodus.

Storyline: long before HoM about an alternate future timeline 30-40 years in the future where a group of mutants hellbent on superiority essentially erradicated most of the population of humans and mutants alike by combining the powers of two super mutants whose abilities reacted with each other creating a doomsday type scenario. One had the ability to essentially catalyst another mutants powers temporarilly making it much much stronger but doing so drained his life force and the other one had the ability to sap the power of all mutants in an certain area and turn that into pure energy then all the superheroes come in being tricked by a powerful psychic mutant into thinking that they needed to attack this mutant in order to prevent an explosion this mutant is enpowered by the catalyst mutant costing that one his life but he saps nearly all the x-teams and super hero and fellow super villian mutants in a massive upheavel of power and the power gets so great that he essentially explodes in a massive energy explosion (imagine something like 10 nuclear bombs igniting at once . In a moment of necessity a very aged and battered wolverine (and facing bouts of senility) locks away a small group of young x-kid survivors in an old bomb shelter . They come out a day later or so and see the aftermath of the world.


Logan: The same one we all know of course, yet he has a more beaten and ragged appearence. His hair is white, his movement slower and less refined. He is overwhelmed again with grief over what happened after realizing his son (who was found, had similar powers as his tho more feral and furry and no metal) was lost in the fight. After so many years of dealing with trauma he is slowly going senile. His heightened senses, agility, and such are dulled. He is still strong and a great fighter but no where near his hayday and that is another thing he is finally having to deal with. The fact that he is getting old and will eventually die and has nothing to show for his life, everyone he ever cared about or loved is dead, again and with the world in it's current state it doesn't look like things will be changing any time soon.

and then the new members:

Absynth: A small, attractive female with green skin and hair. Pixie like wings capable of short flight or gliding. Able to cause someone to go into a sort of awakened lucic dreamstate. They are still awake but reality and fantasy sort of collide into one confusion of hallucinations. A very mischevious and pucklike character.

Wailer: The offspring of Siryn and Cannonball. She essentially has the ability to force propel herself by directing sonic energy from her body. She does not have the invulernability of her father , but she does have the ability of turn that kinetic energy of her being hit or crashing let's say into a directed thermal energy she can expel through her hands. Sort of your depressed teen angst, average teen girl.

Shiva: a blue skinned, four armed mutant with the ability to essentially manipulate life force. Cannot create it at will, but can sort of move it from one place to another. Also very skilled with a trident weapon. A very rage filled individual bent on vengence.

Eyesore: The ability to shoot a thermal energy beam from his eyes. When he first developed this ability the process literally burnt his eyeballs right out of their socket blinding him. Because he is blind his other senses are enchanced, though not to a superhuman level. He does have a sort of thermal detection ability that allows him to sort of sense body heat of things around him which allows him to aim or target but he cannot actually "see" them. Think of a non-martial artist daredevil with flame eyes.

Cronus: Ability to grow to abnormally large size. Sort of your basic bruiser character although he is actually the youngest and least trained of all the characters. Only about 13 years old or so but with immense strength and power. Imagine the hulk during a temper tantrum. haha

ahh... I don't feel like typing this all out again. There was another that could control the flow of anything liquid and a telepathic feral fur girl. And then all the bad mutants. Anyway it sort of was written like a mad-max/fallout meets x-verse.

Funny thing is that it ends up only half the world is decimated and they have no clue, and the other half who found out about what happened are essentially walling themselves off, killing mutants, and arming themselves thinking that the destruction of the other half of the world was just a first wave attack.

It was actually rather well accepted but I just never got around to writing it further than the initial story and plot summaries for future stories.
Banner-bruce smith
very small kid with superhuman strength and the ability to leap long distances
was saved by hulk but got radiation poisoning and now goes by just Banner.
Chronos-ablity to control or manipulate time. Cant change more that 3 hours into the future or past with out aid of a device that alows him to control longer lenth of time fashend to look like a watch

Frost Bite- son of Iceman mother unknown. raised by Nightcrawler after death of Iceman. Can only create thick frost. Taught by night crawler to wield two swords. Can put frost over the swords makeing the m shaper and stronger.

D.A.N. (day and night) -ability to absorb and discarge light molecules.Can create total darkness by absorbing all light molecules witin an area. Can fire light molecles (light beam) and fire blast that pushes away light (dark beam).Can fly by controling the light molecules aroung him to lift him up creates a glow around him.

Cure- can heal or posion people. Can abosrb bacteria from infection and diplace it in other orginisims. Can Also distroy bacteria. Can hold viruses and bacteria in her body in pockets in her arms. Also able to speed up healing procees of others.

Element- Can Create fire and water and can manipulate The eath and wind . can fly (just think storm ) by controlling the wind around her. Uses japanesse characters of the element she uses to (summen) her powers

Guns- has abnormaly large arms and fist(think ludas video "get back") in credibly dence skin and bone in his arms makeing them near imdestructable but leaveing torso vulnerable.
man thats kind of funny you have a guy named element cause i had a guy i thought of named element who could do pretty much the exact thing you said
i also had one i thought of named Druggie (yeah i know its cheesy) who could alter his brain chemistry at will and essentially make himself feel any type of "buzz" he could think of this would come in handy in certain situations where if he was fighting he could make himself feel the effects of say pcp and then would have superhuman strength and a very high threshold for pain
Threadactus-Devourer Of Pointless Threads.

(In all seriousness,not a shot to this thread.)
Frostbite is cool but why you gotta kill Iceman off.
D.A.N., Guns, and Cure are my favorites
rename your "druggie" hero something like chemlab or the chemist and allow him to induce said effects in others as well by touch and you may have a real interesting character on your hands there.

These elemental types seem a bit too powerful even for the god-like mutants that came out of marvel back in the day.
ghost113 said:
Frostbite is cool but why you gotta kill Iceman off.
D.A.N., Guns, and Cure are my favorites

killing off iceman was something i REALLY didnt want to do but to me it made the most scence of how nightcrawler could train him
Nightcrawler could still train him if you have iceman and nightcrawler on the same team when the kid is born

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