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dc comic create or reinvent a charcter

house of f

Oct 29, 2005
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i deside to make a thread like this so people can put about there ideas

heres my reinvented chracter:

a reborn shazam as a teenager,now at the peek of his power. as he is reborn he is trying to find the meaning of his new lease of life

the meaning of his name he knows now:


now aiding marvel and find meaning in of his rebirth

weakness:no experince in are world

heres my charcter
nova star-neil stevens
after an accident at his fathers lab at star labs, he gained new ablitys from the blast. such as increbile speed and strength he also has the ablity to produce and control solar energy and he can also fly.
his famly dosent know of his ablitys only one of his friends know of his powers

weakness: illness wich effects his powers badly

power list:super strength
super speed
solar control meaing he can ingulf his intire body in and produc incredible heat ,mini solar flare,sunspot and other things
incresed intelegnt

there sorry if peole think this tread is stupid
What's the point of this thread, again? I couldn't really make anything out of that.
he's giving an oppurtunity to people create or reinvent any characters for DC Comics

like this one
Black Fox
Spencer Lass
born a normal kid. then exposed to a life of crime. grows up in a guild of thieves learns tricks of the trade like pick pocketing all the way up to big time heist. but when he sees the guild leader kill an innocent guard he runs. being the fastest learner of the guild, he is one of the best thieves ever. but when he attemps to break into wayne manor bruce stops him and cuffs, but spencer escapes into the batcave and discovers the real bruce wayne. he is inspired and runs away to train 2 years later Batman gets an intruder alert in the batcave and it is Spencer to thank him Bats introduces him to the Titans and he takes the guise the Black Fox (clever like a fox)...uh yeah thats my character
Like the dozens of other threads concerning redesigns and re-inventions and ultimate DC?
ultimate DC *shudders*
That's what I thought. Just making sure. Do I have to make a post quota to post artwork? I've designed a new costume and backstory for Captain Marvel, but I'm not sure if I can post the image yet.
Nothing's wrong with your thread, House of F. They're just upset. Redundancy gets old with some people.
So. So many typos in this thread. World... getting dark. >cough< I don't know... if I can go on...:)

I hope you can post the Captain Marvel costume redesign, because that's a character you never see alternate costumes for.
Yeah, I know. That's what I was thinking when I decided to do it.
It's so good, your head will implode.

just a sketch
Someone give Alan Scott a real costume, not that mix mash joke he wears. And back to the younger version, too, especially now that he's the....SPOILERS BELOW

White King of Checkmate.
sort of what you were asking for, sort of. i did this a while ago but i thought Id post it.
Ultimate Alan Scott, code named back in WWII Green Lantern

No real costume, only a military uniform customized into a green lantern uniform. He was Earth's first Green Lantern until his death during a mission to destroy the Super Nazi and anything that could make another. he served along Diana Troy's mother, and the original Flash Jay Gerret, as a secret team of super agents called the Justice Society.
have other people gotany ideas they would want to post either elesworld ideas charcter idaes what ever

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