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Jan 18, 2022
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Yeah I like To dabble in writing fiction once in a while the though I never finish anything. I became enamoured with the idea of creating my own superheroes as of late and the whole concept and idea of doing that in general and thus I was struck with the urge to make a thread about it. I was wondering if anyone here wants to create (and hopefully provide illustrations which I will do at some point) their own superheroes.

The whole idea and concept of what it means to be a superhero and what exactly personifies the superhero genre. You could say they are just characters with unique monikers and themes along with interesting and novel strange abilities or powers, it is certainly fun to think and daydream about, it is how I almost imagine Stan Lee in the past when he sat down to create a slew of marvel characters. It is hard to say for certain but I have always liked the superhero genre quite a lot.

——————————————————————Okay when it comes down to superheroes in the present world and society I think what is most important so would be getting the right creative teams in board, with the first initial step creating colourful and interesting characters and then finding the best writers with what to make stories about them with. I think that would mostly be the most paramount and key to creating successful superhero comic books at least. As far as creating characters, that are really hard because I feel like Marvel and DC practically went to war and created almost a monopoly with their creative ideas and thus it is hard to really get an edge in creatively while doing novel and unique stuff.

My interpretation of the superhero genre is mostly that they are works of sci-fi and fantasy but they set in present current settings, whilst being steeped very heavily in classic mythology. I think thats pretty core and essentially to understand what they are in essence. I do no think that having unique powers and themes/monikers are as important nowadays because again, DC and Marvel have practically run the gamut but it is fun to try anyway. The characters themselves, some of them are almost like institutions.
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I was try to create my own superheroes and I was stuck with how difficult it is. It is just very, very hard. Gosh I feel in writing this like an excerpt from one of those random journal entries in resident evil.

“The attempts at trying to create a superhero have...not been all that successful”

Also it is just very time consuming so I do not feel like committing myself to spending serious time attempting to create some kind of superhero though I still find myself doing this for fun for some reason here and there.

I realized that fundamentally with DC, the most popular characters are basically all just iterations of what is fundamentally superman, and thus are super men and women to be fair I guess. Interestingly enough I realized that the dragon ball franchise was basically japans answer and thoughts as to the superhero genre, which I just thought was really interesting and I like that whole notion and what they did with it from that perspective. When attempting to create my first two superheroes they were both unfortunately a lot like superman and Batman. I tried writing my own fan fiction very roughly and realized it was my own take and version so much, and there is so much creative work put into these characters themselves I decided to create my own characters and world storyline altogether. Okay, when attempting to do I think so though I am just struck with the works of the watchmen and the boys but I have my own kinda of take and style which I think is quite novel and unique and would differ from them quite a bit if...I WENT ALL THE WAY.


When first attempting to create my own superheroes I wouldn’t spend a lot of time attempting to world build and create one which is cohesive and connecting various points of interests all seamlessly together in a way that somehow makes sense and is a little grounded. One of my biggest inspirations would be Marvels ultimate line, I have just always loved those series of titles. I really, really like the idea of taking fantasy and putting it in a more present day setting but you are somehow left with one of the numerous final fantasy entries in the series such as num.7 which is basically fantasy in a more fantasy setting but stating true to the tenants of the superhero genre thus there wouldn’t be the common usage of regular guns and weapons for some reason by the protagonists.

Here are just some very rough ideas I had:
the whole strange “uniformed”’costume look would be taken with more gravitas, this superheroes were first brought into this conception as some type of enforcer groupings an organized force with their own specific costumes uniforms that existed as a parliamentary extension of the state first off and grew into this independent body that resides or rested on the notion to keep everyone above all costs “safe” and thus the (on the front the public’s knowledge and information) the result of scientific experimentation and scientific progress but the truth is in fact something far more uncertain and difficult to grasp or explain exactly what precipitates and brings to fruition the possession and full realization of what could properly be acknowledged as “super powers” and whilst they were looked at positively at first and some of them became celebrities, role models and public figures this quickly changed and became sour, the notion and idea of the “Superman” became more of a burgeoning thing or aspect altogether and one that is controversial.

The main character “superheroes” then they are featured and presented are almost views at publicly as “outlaws” and “villains” at first glimpse or introspection but if you touch the surface it’s really only the start or beginning and life is always stranger upon second glance or inspection. Then once it had originally appeared to be.

An alien planet and genetic tampering and science are largely the sole reasons for the unimaginable progress science has taken but it all hails from a foreign and slightly alien planet that has reached the pinnacle of possible advancement and thus we have come into contact with science and abilities that only merely seem to touch on the very nature of the space time continuum and all presiding matter itself. This planet then had laid the very foundation and seeds for the possibly and fruition of what was from our simple simplistic views led to the creation and invention or stark and dangerous evidence of human beings possessing what was most novelty termed as “super powers” and “super beings” though true men of science know secretly it is really not quite so simple or positive in its claims and assertions.

(One villain wants to become more evil then Satan!?)

One idea for character he would be an energy manipulator his main power is believed though to stem from not only

His emotions but also his very spirit or “soul” and thus where his powers originate from there is something very spiritual about him perhaps.

Also as well the main idea and theme worth the character is truth and the true nature behind all things society human relationships but also his slant would focus sort of on the notion of instincts and the like instincts because it’s close to grasping or explaining something beyond immediate reality into our deeper selves something perhaps “true” I think truth is a big value in this universe or storyline.

(Red purple kind of blue violet and silver as a colour combination for this character..?) he would be kind of like Batman beyond but more edgy and radical the (this belief system) he was trained and forced to believe in that surmounts to this overbearing kind of religious code of ethics that he was as well forced to memorize and become a part of his being and while it has influenced him largely he does not believe in it anymore and was largely thrust or forced upon him to be a member of the clergy men to make up for his otherwise awful or appalling existence until the state intervened and came in/took him away abdicated him from his meagreness and grim circumstances.

This is a “post national” type of world.

Everyone wants to have superpowers in a way but at the same time it often lends oneself to having this type of appalling or horrid existence. Many groups existence as a facet of this but none altogether are entirely comprising of components that proceed genuine nationalism as it was something seemingly taken or chipped away at so things exist in these big kind of generalized manners. There are forced that exist and groups or paramilitary factions which as they see it exist to serve and facilitate the underlining and past prior and previous reasons for nationalism to exist the real and genuine aspects such as heritage, creed ethnocentrism are nonexistent mostly and are simply loaded tasks forced and factions that seem to be always linking for some new conflict and exist for the very fact of this to guide or control the hard to cease or mitigate reasons for human conflict and at worst war to exist. There are not many individual or group centric reasons for differences to wholly exist in an outward expressible manner, such seemingly trite or self centred privileges are largely denied or discouraged in society. Though, there are differences and these exist only as a method or manner in which to subjugate individuals further to bend to the will or sheer numbers of the collective and group.

The “task force” would be more clearly based on or inspired by their popular counter parts, Superman Batman, captain America the fantastic four, Thor (and they would be kind of products of the older generation and villains somewhat and are not the protagonists)

(A continuation of past thoughts)
(further more severe then ethnocentrism) racial classification and groupings of individuals, but at times but in a severely non personalized form and manner. Most resulting thoughts and brief systems are in fact a facet or are thought to stem from this notion, but not nationalism. Thus, true inclinations and preferences, thoughts and beliefs are kept to a minimum. This is very much a system. So there would be superman like powered characters but the world government and state has coined and created stop measures to prevent such an individual or groups of individuals from gaining and residing too much concentration of preeminent power and force or influence over the earth and the nearby solar system (which has become something that has had to be mentioned

more frequently guarded) earth has one in the residing solar system and the human race the victors but just barely and at a steep cost at home and abroad, thus the notion and desire for “peace” was only seen as a small price or just cause for world wide stability amongst a chaotic and dangerous solar system and interplanetary event and disasters, thus space is looked at kind of more frequently and under a microscope almost in relation to all other characters and events on going or the whole of the species under further prodding and investigatory lenses.

And is often used as a reason or justification to end or justify more government and state control.

Though there is still minimal freedom and microcosms of human rebellion and pursuits of freedom and liberation still exist among the earths populace. But also thus this united “earth front” is used (the world wide government like its

This casual thing and taken itself and given the impression that it is merely tour best friend, or

Neighbourhood) a united earth front is the justification among all other faring disasters or difficult world events that come into existence or pass into public scrutiny and knowledge “well there’s always the united front, the united human front. I know I’m in! Join to live in an ever growing and burgeoning more sustainable and green human friendly world, the united earth front!” (.outer space is clearly seen as the enemy here a rather harsh bent to this rather globalist utopian type of organization) but to many the one government is often seen as this trifling nuisance and hinderance that is often if not largely ignored for better or for worst, though it has some precedence in almost everyone’s life at some point on goingly or not and thus is often seen as this large overinflated spectacle.

People largely though just accept this world of post nationalism and non existence ethnocentrism in exchange for this larger whole and all encompassing globalist one as far as concessional pursuits are concerned. Though people still fight for independence it’s largely for different reasons then above states in the past, which is just seen as a bygone era of the past, almost a different world entirely.

Thus it’s largely difficult to tell who exactly is the hero or villain here and though it’s not to assume or say who the heroes and do gooders are exactly as there is a difference and contrast to be clear and certain but perhaps a new and slightly different notion on what a hero exactly is or means though largely still the same in some instances, self sacrifices, for greater but in a world that proposes and venerates these things but then on the surface it may appear that way in reality it’s a whole other world and notion in general that is much harder to be sure of.

What exactly is a hero?

Well, what does it mean to be good and personify these ideals that exist to serve home and act as a vehicle for such terms and concepts. The villains perhaps have such notions as well often held behind a type of deeply and fondly thought of futures utopian backdrop and world perhaps (a la the Soviet Union somewhat perhaps)

Has energy glowing all around costume is red white and grey with some type of glow-y light type energy flowing on suit in one or a few places small.

Mix Japanese manga dragon ball DC and marvel

Has often glow all around not unlike dragon ball

Has some type of flying animal that he rides on perhaps or some such thing like Perseus

When it’s stated or revealed and said that basically the powers are in a sense “ki” or spirit energy he is enlightened for knowing and understanding this perhaps the greatest power being the most resolved in mind body and soul thus spirit energy

Magical artifact that changes his appearance sorta like Shazam and he man in this manner

Has a strap to carry something but never actually uses it magical gem crystal or ore used to transform into his true form
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It could be said as well that Thor is basically marvels own take or their version of superman with moon knight and Wolverine, daredevil both being inspired by Batman.

I really imagined this old superman type of character being forced at his age to accept the globalist governments and being this kind of right hand man of the establishment though I am not sure in what way but I really like this idea. He already is like a self anointed god that watches continually down from his watchtower the earth and characters below I imagined him with a giant scope lense as well

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