Daddy Want

hmm i wonder if you'll be willing to starve your children just to get an action figure....
No. There are times when I have no food to eat (But plenty of toys) but there is always dog food in my house. I will never let my dogs or cat go hungry. NEVER.
Thats a sweet Dick Tracy. I remember having the figures when the movie came out. I actually saw some DickTracy Mez-Itz today at a Toy Liquidator store. I think $3 a pack.

Dude if you see them again Nab me the Top two.

I'm a Dick Tracy Fiend.........In Fact....I think I should make an Avy from the old Serials I got on DVD.

Not tonight though.
They're made by Mezco. Go to their websites and check them out. They're just small (about 2 1/2 - 3 inches tall) figures that are like caricatures. There are Mez-Itz for other stuff like AvP, Edward Scissorhands and I think even Hellboy.
Hell Nab em all if they are $3, You'll be hansomly rewarded.

In celebrat this statue I am gonna set up a Dick Tracy shelf. Quick to E-bay to nab the old figs. (I used to have an ass load of them)
Will do. I think they had all four. They had a busload of the Dick Tracy/ Influence 2pack
I'll be headed to my comic shop on Wednesday of next week (mainly for the wave 3 Justice figs) so on my way back I'll nab those for you. I'll get you a full set for the hell of it, so long as I find all 4 2packs. If notI'll get what I see. They had plenty.

I'm really gung ho about this. I wish Sota or somebody would do a Classic Dick Tracy line....Man would that Rule.
A Mezco line would be cool too. I love my comic Hellboy and Goon figures. They're very nicely sculpted compared to the referance material.
Yes, Mezco, that's who I want to do the Dick Tracy line.

Sota can do the Tick.
SOTA doing Tick figs?!?

That'd definitely be cool

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