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Damon Wayans Jr. and Jake Johnson in "Let's Be Cops"


Definitely Not 40
Apr 4, 2004
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Fox Green Lights ‘Let’s Be Cops’ For Damon Wayans Jr. And Jake Johnson

EXCLUSIVE: These Wayans, they just keep coming. 20th Century Fox has set Happy Endings star Damon Wayans Jr.and New Girl’s Jake Johnson to star in Let’s Be Cops, a comedy that Luke Greenfield will direct. He wrote the script with writing partner Nick Thomas, based on a pitch he sold to the studio. Simon Kinberg’s Genre Films and Greenfield will produce.

The film is about two best friends looking for a little more out of life. They impersonate cops for kicks, but when they unknowingly mess with a real mobster, the game gets real. Casting is getting underway on the other roles.

Wayans is repped by WME and Mosaic, Johnson is repped by UTA and 3 Arts. Thomas is repped by Paradigm. Greenfield is repped by CAA.
Dat Wayans Jr. :o:up:
Those are two guys that can automatically make me laugh by just standing there saying and doing nothing. :up:
It's a reunion of the New Girl pilot!
I saw the red band trailer and it looks hilarious

I feel like Danny Glover before he got too old for this s*** :)

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Wayans gonna get him some Nina Dobrev.
I wish Damon stayed on New Girl, especially since his other show Happy Endings (which was good) got cancelled.
I think this will be a sleeper hit. Every time Ive seen the trailer with people they were laughing really hard
I think this will be a sleeper hit. Every time Ive seen the trailer with people they were laughing really hard

That scene with Nina Dobrev always gets big laughs.

"I'm not a cop"
*Nina takes her top off*
"I am a cop!"
"Holy F I'm a cop!"
I wish Damon stayed on New Girl, especially since his other show Happy Endings (which was good) got cancelled.
Good news in case you didn't know: He's been bumped to regular on the series.

And I do think this will be a sleeper hit too. Those two guys (and the rest of the NG cast) have good chemistry and I can see this pair working quite well as wannabe cops.
Saw the new red band trailer with Jump Street. Got A lot of solid laughs.
Ryan's delivery of "that's what you get!" is what sells people at the end.
New redband is finally online. Can't post it because of language but check Collider. It's there
It's on the main page also.
The trailer was surprisingly hilarious. I'll see it.
I hope this has some decent action though. I doubt the budget is that high but I at least want more than 1 decent gun fight and a chase. The Heat and Ride Along lacked in that department which made both those films suffer.

I also realized that this is a guy who directed The Animal with Rob Schneider, The Girl Next Door, and SOmething Borrowed. Not exactly a filmography that inspired confidence, but it still looks really funny so I hope Im proven wrong
Damon Wayans Jr. And Jake Johnson did a Q&A for the movie on the Daily Californian which was hilarious. You can check it out on youtube.
I got into an advanced screening of this tonight and I enjoyed it. This is my second favorite comedy this year, the first still being 22 Jump Street. Damon Wayans Jr and Jake Johnson definitely have chemistry and it was nice to see them again ( New Girl reunion). The movie plays out as sort of a buddy cop movie expect they aren't real cops lol. Damon's character is a video game developer and Jake's character is a washed up college football player that isn't doing much in life. They end up going to a college reunion party that they think is a costume party when it's really a masquerade party lol.

Anyway, they find out that people think they are real cops and do some crazy and hilarious things. Eventually they come across some real gangsters who are involved with illegal weapons sumgling and things go from there. The plot is pretty cliche but serves it's purpose. Most of the jokes and situations are pretty hilarious but some jokes fall flat. But Damon and Jake really sell this movie due to their chemistry and comedic timing. Also, Rob Riggle is in the movie but is playing more of a straight man here with a few funny lines. There is a bit of action towards the end of the movie that's decent but there really isn't much of it.

The crowd I saw this with also seemed to enjoy it and there is a scene that I won't spoil here that got a HUGE laugh.

I give this an 8/10
Nice to hear that it's good. I'm disappointed that there isnt more action though.
Yea I enjoyed it quite a bit. I was surprised that I got to see it a few weeks before it hit theaters.
Got to see this today. Ive been looking forward to this even before the first trailer dropped.

It was pretty good. Of course it's gonna get compared to the Jump Street series but I dont think that's fair. Jump Street is way more action based than this and is WAY more over the top and cartoonish.

A more accurate movie to compare it too is The Heat with Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock. They have about the same level of action, similar structure.

but on to the actual movie. I laughed a fair bit. Most of the biggest laughs were in the trailers unfortunately. However, I was chuckling or laughing throughout the movie.

Wayans Jr. and Johnson have really good chemistry. I know them from New Girl and Happy Endings. Theyre funny guys, both of them play their role well. Keegan from Key and Peele was funny in this.

A lot of critics pointed out how serious and dark the movie got toward the end. I actually liked that stuff. The chase with Jake Johnson's character from the Russians while Wayans talk about what it is actually like to be "in the sh**" was a really cool scene.

The side characters were alright. Keegan was hilarious. Riggle was ok, it was nice to see him in a semi straight man role, although I think the movie wouldve done a lot better with Riggle being funnier. Nina Dobrev looked incredible. Ive seen her in Vampire Diaries and she looks good there, but in this she's on another level. However, she's a pretty useless character.

I think this was a movie that had the actors and idea to be funnier, but they didnt try hard enough. I'll watch this again on Blu Ray.


EDIT: I also hated how in the beginning parts of the movie they played so much music. Weird complaint, but there were scenes where they were playing song after song after song. EDM songs, rap songs, idk it was just distracting how often they switched up songs. It was like a "music video film"
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