David Hayter


Sep 11, 2001
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Just look at this man's career!


He is the voice of Solid Snake!! The most manly and greatest video game hero of all time!! He wrote the screenplays for both X-Men films!! He has a movie coming out that he has directed!


Look at him and his manly stubble!

I don't think this man is appreciated enough. He definately needs a huge ass fansite or something.
The GUYVER animated stuff kicks the live action though :(

I do like the scene where he jumps off the cliff and whispers 'Guyver' and hits the ground with the armor on... That was pretty bad ass. That was in the second film I believe.

Plus you cant go past his work as Snake :up:
Yes, David hayter is the man and is loved by those who know of and appreciate his work. With that said, I cant wait for mgs4!
What the heck is he working on now? Most of his credited upcoming movie projects are at a production standstill.
The man needs more exposure. He should ****ing play solid snake in an MGS movie.
He doesn't look too shabby
Thats pretty cool. I had no idea Hayter did all that stuff.
Carter said:
The man needs more exposure. He should ****ing play solid snake in an MGS movie.
He doesn't look too shabby

His face is not perfect, but his voice is (obviously). He's close enough, and he could easily bulk up

the biggest problem is he doesn't have name recognition, but that's easily covered since he won't command a high salary then, leaving money to pay some superstars for the villains and supporting characters (i.e. Sean Connory for Big Boss (if he'll do it)). It's too bad Richard Crenna isn't around to play the colonel, since that's who he was based on :(
I didn't know he voiced Cap. America, I'll have to look for some of those episodes now. Too bad he didn't do the Ultimate Avenger one.

EDIT:Gah, the man who voiced Cap and Solid Snake also did one of the fruitest anime characters I know (Youko Kurama)? That's hard to believe. :o
it's too bad about ALOT of things in Ultimate Avengers
The second Guyver movie, given the budget, was actually pretty cool. They got rid of most of the campy elements from the first film, and made the sequel bloody as hell!! Much closer to the anime/manga in terms of violence and the design of the suit.

Hayter also wrote a screenplay for Watchmen that even Alan Moore admits is pretty close to comic. You'd think Paramount would have loved to have the guy who helped build the X-Men franchise.

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