David O. Russell’s ‘The Silver Linings Playbook’

I haven't seen Rust and Bone, but tell me how you really feel FlickChick :funny:
I haven't seen Rust and Bone, but tell me how you really feel FlickChick :funny:
So I may have come across a bit more harshly than intended, lol. :woot:

Marion already has her oscar jen does'nt
So we don't want Oscars to go to the best performances of the year anymore? I get your point, and I understand that's how the Academy operates and why Lawrence will win (well that, and ya know, the Weinsteins). I'm just talking about who deserves it based strictly on the performances. And that's easily Cotillard, imo. At least from the movies I've seen so far. Still haven't seen The Impossible or Zero Dark Thirty yet.
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I loved this movie. All of the performances were fantastic and Lawrence is now my new favorite actress forsure.
Jen at SLP Screening:hrt::hrt:


I :hrt: Jen! Great actress!
Great movie. Stumbles a little bit in the third act and becomes a little bit predictable and by the numbers, but great performances all around. Bradley Cooper gives a very layered performance, and the film itself functions on multiple levels. It's funny, but at the same time, very uncomfortable, and often sad. Nice to see DeNiro do something other than his usual.
Lovely, lovely. Brings everything from big smiles to just as big lumps in the throat. Cooper and Lawrence are both incredibly good and De Niro makes one of his best performances in a really long time. The steadicam camera work is dynamically neat and at times as beautifully whimsical as the main characters. In the final part the movie gets a tad bit cliché. And narratively there is a bit too many doctored coincidences. But it is weaknesses that are easy to forget when the warm emotions of the movie run at their highest.

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Well, I'll be. DeNiro finally acted again, Cooper didn't look smug and unlikeable, the movie didn't have overly dramatic moments and those few ones were acted naturally, it kinda did fall into some cliches in the end, but overall I must say I really enjoyed it. And JLaw? I'm so glad she's getting all this fame. She deserves it, and then some. Ridiculously hot and talented? Wow.
This was one of the best movies of the year. It was in my top 5.
Just saw this movie. Give it a solid B. Good movie. Dragged at times, predictable, but good performances all around.
I didn't know what I was getting into when I finally got around to renting this. After hearing all the hype as well as Lawrence's Oscar win, how could I not check it out?

The movie is simply that good. I complete immersed myself in it. Such great dialogue, so many good moments, I loved it (Fu** Ernest Hemingway!). It was great to see De Niro give a strong performance for a change, Chris Tucker finally in a non-Rush Hour movie, and seeing John Ortiz again. I swear the guy is a chameleon actor.

My favorite part was the theater scene. Patrick was out of line with what he said so he was trying to make amends with Tiffany, who then started causing a scene instead of listening to reason. Pat's frustrated, humiliated, and at the end of his rope. And to make matters worse before he's about to get arrested, he has to hear that fu**ing song (no offense to Stevie Wonder). And in the blink of an eye, Tiffany has a change of heart and comes to his rescue. In that quick bonding moment, I started to cry and I don't know why. Now, that's fu**ing talent.
finally saw this and man why did i wait so long this movie was amazing de niro finally acted lol

Jennifer was really good she has some of the most expressive eyes of any young actress working today you can feel her pain without any words

but man i must say this:

Bradley Cooper blew me away his performance was so good this truly was his coming out party for an actor many people were just indifferent on before

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