Deaf Girl hears her own voice for the first time

Damn, I cried. Such a beautiful thing to witness.
She's so freakin' adorable. I just wanna grab her and hold her.
That sounds so creepy, but I don't care. :awesome:
Best thing Ive seen all day, got me all teary eyed.
Annnnnnnnnd I weeped like a baby.



That was beautiful.
You are all a bunch of crybabies.

That's some good stuff. It really brings to mind how much we take for granted sometimes.
wait a minute, i don't want to sound stupid, if she can speak english, than how does she hear her own voice for the first time?
Haven't seen it yet.

I don't know what the first words she'll hear will be, but I'm betting the second will be "I sound like that?!?"
Thank you for making me tear up in front of my girlfriend :up:.

It's things like this that really give you perspective.
...She's deaf. She couldn't hear her voice.

Deaf people know English.
I think the question he's asking is, if she can't hear, how does she know what the words sound like?
If she never could hear how does she know what beeping sounds like?
If you were born blind, does color exist to you?

I thought most people hated the sound of their voice.
I remember the first time hearing my voice on an answering machine. So disappointing.

Good for her though
This is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.
Between that video and this one...


I've been a weepy little girl.

I need my name changed back to Aunt Petunia.


:cap: :cap: :cap:
Either I'm missing something, or this isn't legit. Some one whose been deaf all their life (as we can assume, since this is the "first time she's ever heard her own voice"), can NOT speak that well, if at all.
Are you calling a deaf person a liar?
Okay this is really strange ( but still.. it is really cool too) for me to see this video. Just like 2 mins ago I was trolling (jk lol) around the SHH community forum. I saw this thread and video too. I was like " Whoa! That's so cool. I gotta go see my doctor to see if he has the same tech whatever she has"

She is soo lucky girl! I have always wanted to hear the music/song in my life. Now.. I might have that chance too! :p

This is so exciting! :up:

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