🌏 Discussion: Labor, Unions, and Workers' Rights

The Amazon workers have all my sympathy. Bezos should pay them more and give them real breaks, ect.

As a lifelong union member, you have no idea how happy this makes me. I spent all of my time fighting an uphill battle and now it genuinely looks like the playing field is starting to level out. International cooperation is something I've been talking about for more years than I can remember (or care to admit LOL). :woo:

Never, ever, ever quit fighting for working class justice.
I'm guessing they won't be getting a VPP award from OSHA any time soon.....
The more I learn about Reagan the more I dislike him. :(
More on the autoworkers union drive. I know the Teamsters have a slightly different organizing approach than we did (though I've worked with them on various organizing drives), but if I were the Teamster leadership, I would get my most experienced, articulate autoworkers to do the bulk of the day to day organizing. I'm sure their contract allows them leaves and you just hire them to go in and talk to other autoworkers. They know exactly what issues they have faced and would understand how to talk to people with similar experiences. I've found this to be a better approach than bringing in "professional" organizers; although they are also a very valuable asset because they've worked on various campaigns and understand the ins and outs or how to run an effective drive.
I don't like the idea of six year old kids working. :( Shouldn't even be legal.

Let's be clear.....corporations work together at need. When the UFCW went on strike years ago, the companies would rotate keeping certain stores open where their scabs worked. They also collaborate on legislation to further their agenda and so forth.

Collective bargaining and unionization is a logical outgrowth of this collaboration, both inter and intra company, and any attempt to curtail the rights of workers to protect their interests tells you all you need to know about someone's, stand on the issue of democracy.

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