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Do networks ignore sci-fi fans?

firefly,stargate, star trek, farscape, battlestar galactica, star wars (coming soon),

there's generally no more than a couple of sci fi shows on at any given time so not to cluster the market.

I've always though sciencefiction programmes have always done pretty well although some like farscape were cut down in their prime, i reckon it took too long to get to speed but meh...
I think the Sci Fi Network completely ignores sci fi fans.
I think this thread completely ignores the TV Show forum.
I ignore Sci-Fi in general. Never been a big fan. Or does the Matrix count? :D
I think Farscape just got too expensive.....I did enjoy how during that years fall schedule meetings, the press was hammering the sci-fi brass about canceling it when they were trying to promote 'Tremors: the series'
I figure that it's probably to expensive to produce a sci-fi show with sfx that people will believe in. let's face it a crappy special effect can take me out of any movie. Especially CGI.

I second that. They have the WORST programming I have ever seen! And you'd think that it could do so much more better but they don't. The exec's there should be fired! :o and yeah, I do think networks don't put enough into sci-fi fans needs. It's an untapped market. Heroes, Smallville, Terminator, and Lost are shows that are doing great but those are the only shows on major network stations. :huh:
Silly thread.
This is like the Black people who complain that there aren't more Black lottery winners, and Black Oscar winners, and Black politicians, while forgetting that being a "minority" means...there aren't as many of you. :o So 1 out of a million people become a star.
If there are 100 million White people, and 10 million Black people, then yeah, there will be 100 White stars and only 10 Black stars. :o

You're all Sci-Fi fans, so you think there isn't enough Sci-Fi on television.
I assure you, if the numbers were there, the networks would be exploiting it. :o
I think it's actually a Golden Age for Sci-Fi.
It used to be...Space:1999, aaaaAAAand......the Waltons and Little House on the Prairie and Emergency and Adam 12 and All In The Family and...
There used to be 1 Sci-Fi show at a time, (utter crap like "Quark", or the original "Battlestar Galactica", or "Salvage 1", or "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century"...unwatchable garbage. :o) + Star Trek re-runs.
Now there are so many shows.
I agree with Wil....as loyal as sci-fi fans are, it just isn't a big enough market to make a difference....especially not when 21-24 million are tuning into American Idol, Big Brother, and Survivor week in and week out. This is a case where it is about QUANTITY not QUALITY. sci-fi channel has its decent stuff....Stargate sg-1/atlantis, BSG, they got the rights to Doctor Who as well, and I also believe they just got the rights to start airing Torchwood this fall.
TV is not ignoring sci-fi fans, there's a good amount of shows right now that have a bit of sci-fi or fantasy in them. Heroes, Lost, Smallville, Terminator, you might also be able to include Supernatural, Reaper, Moonlight, sure those are more fantasy, but I think can still qualify.

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