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Do you hate dubs?

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Jan 1, 2006
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Referring to English dubs.

Excepting Golden Boy,I personally try to steer clear of them.
Hate is hard word. Let's just say I've never come across a dub I really like.
I hate reading while watching, so I love dubs. And there are some quite good ones out there(FMA and GiTS really spring to mind)
Tamanon said:
I hate reading while watching

Heh... Subs are actually one of the main reasons why I learned English so well. (I'm german btw.)
It all depends. If I've seen the anime in Japanese (w/ subtitles) first I'll dislike the dubs but if I've seen the anime in English first I'll dislike the original.
I watched Princess Mononoke in Japanese with subs for the first time today and I liked it just as well as I liked the dubbed version, which is good. The only complaint I have is that Moko is voiced by a man when the character is supposed to be female.
I welcome dubs when I think it improved the character.

For example, having Goku sounding like a girl is not the best thing to listen to, especially such a high, squeaky voice.. I'm glad they dubbed his voice under Funimation.
it depends what you begin to watch it as...

for long lasting series where there is no chance in hell i'm going to be able to watch it all (i.e. dragonball and gundam wing), i don't mind the english because that's what i've gotten used to (actually love the voice acting for gundam).

however when it comes to purchasing a dvd box set where i have the choice, i would much rather keep it subtitled.

i feel that a piece of media should be kept in as much of its original content as possible. in its purest, even subs shouldn't be allowed and a person should learn the home language in order to get the best out of it. however subtitles are a substitute that people can live with, so be it.

i'd also like to point out that i find it far easier to go from listening dubs to subs than the other way around. going from hearing japanese to sometimes some really poor american voice acting can be quite horrid.

plus ranting in japanese is and will always be better than the english equivalent.
Depends if I can be bothered reading them or not. But I do hate them yes. Sometimes they can do a god job though. None come to mind
I have absolutely no problem with dubs. I prefer to watch my anime rather then read it and miss what's going on on the rest of the screen. Only occassionally do the american voices irritate me so much I have to switch to subs
I used to, considering dub jobs used to be horrendous. But they have been getting consistently better and better, as this little niche market grows. You can argue and complain about the quality of dubs or dubs vs subs all you want, but the fact that they're better than they used to be is undeniable.

I still watch most anime with subs though.
For DBZ I dislike the subs because the japanese voice actors have these really, really loud, shrill voice and they all sound like little boys or girls. And the music also sucks on the DBZ subs as well.
ster said:
For DBZ I dislike the subs because the japanese voice actors have these really, really loud, shrill voice and they all sound like little boys or girls. And the music also sucks on the DBZ subs as well.

Yeah, the Goku family and children = Everyone in DBZ :rolleyes:

Oh, and about the Music "Rock the dragon" is all I'm gonna say. :down
That's not just the Goku family that sounds that way, motard.
Well, then be so nice and point out all the characters that sound like little boys and girls. Except for the Goku Family and some insignificant others like Chaozu there aren't a lot.
ster said:
For DBZ I dislike the subs because the japanese voice actors have these really, really loud, shrill voice and they all sound like little boys or girls. And the music also sucks on the DBZ subs as well.

I prefer the original voices. Granted, the pitch and tone of Goku and Sons takes a while to get used to, but it'll happen. Plus, they sound a lot better when they're yelling/screaming in Japanese; much more raw, feral and emotional. And yelling is a big part of Dragonball.
No I don't, and I think whining about dubs is stupidity now. Especially with DVD and so much anime on DVD.
I'm one of those strange anime fans who actually prefers dubs, or should I say GOOD dubs. I'm usually just too lazy to want to read subtitles and often feel that a solid acting team can make me appreciate the character more than coping with a Japanese voice and reading the text. But it depends on what you were exposed to first. For anime overall, it was dubs. But for, say, NARUTO, it was subs, so the Viz Media dubbed episodes "sound" odd.

I agree with TheVileOne in the sense that since the market has shifted exclusively to DVD since about 2002, the choice between dubs and subs isn't nearly as dire beyond personal preference. Back when anime was strictly VHS, you would need to find a seperate tape for a dub or sub, and the subbed episodes, at least in my experience, were often more expensive (by about $5-$10). Now that a DVD can have both dubs and subs as a simple LANGUAGE option for the same price, it's not as big a deal. I started getting anime back in the early 90's before a lot of current otakus were, ahem, "spoiled" a bit by DVD's, CN and illegal downloading.

For comedy series I find that a dub is more essential; I've tried watching some LUPIN THE THIRD movies in subtitles and it just loses some of the charm that a solid VA can deliver. The issue of course is that a poor dub is a poor dub and the notion of it being dubbed won't aid in the quality.

Plus, I've liked cartoons since I was a kid so I always have a soft spot for voice actors, so I like dubs because it allows me to hear a lot of them do some work, and remember actors who have been "good", as they often move around. For example, it brightened my day when I read the cast list for X-MEN EVOLUTION and saw that so many old time Viz actors had roles in that show, especially Mark Hildreth (he voiced Warren/Angel on EVOLUTION but also was the voice of Terry Bogard from the FATAL FURY movies, which was the first "series" I got into).

So I'm pro-dubbed. Nothing helps a good anime stand out for me than a well written script that is well acted by dubbers.
I prefer to watch it in Japanese with English Subtitles.
Dubs on live action movies drive me up the wall. But dubs on Anime I don't mind at all.

hey, that rhymed...

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