Do you have a *MySpace* page?


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Nov 10, 2006
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Do you have a MySpace page?

Just got one and I love it.
links are considered from MySpace and/or facebook.
I also added a poll.
No I don't. Seems like a waste of time to me. :shrug:
yeah I do, but the Hype is much more interesting . . . I also have facebook and that's better for the non-stalker factor and they have a lot of cool applications and quizzes, but it took me longer to get into it . . .

I mostly use Myspace to chat w/ friends and display my artwork . . .
Myspace is so 3 years ago. 'Sall about facebook now.
i have both, but i never really go on them.
Have both. But I find myself using facebook more. Though now that EVERYONE can use facebook, it's lost its fun.
I use it for stalking...
I have one but I'm not addicted to it. I keep hearing about this Face Book but don't care to get into it. Is it trying to be what Myspace was to Friendster?

I don't get why people have to keep jumping to the next big "thing" when it comes to these profile sites. I like Myspaces options enough as it is and mainly have it to keep in touch with friends and family who live far away.
I just have myspace, I'm not crazy about it, some friends told me to sign up months back.
i have a myspace page. Havent checked it in
The saying goes: 'It pays to advertise.'

I just can't be bothered. A lot of my friends are on Facebook and Myspace, and I'm forever getting asked about going on there. Just can't be bothered -- The Hype! is enough for me.
They didn't announce anything about not posting links from MySpace or facebook right?
Not that I know of. A lot of folks round here even have a direct link in their name options. Click on their name, and in there it will say 'View (insert name)'s homepage.' Check with a mod if you're not sure though . . . coz, err, I'm not sure :)
I have both, but they're not my worlds or anything.
myspace and facebook are lame. not a fan of those kind of sites.

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