Does anyone really want the Marvel Fightin Game?


Jan 4, 2008
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I don't see any news or discussion about it so.. anyone?
If it's not made by Capcom I'm not interested.
So just becaus it's not made by capcom you're not even gonna look how it plays and how it looks, this one looks good, or what I've seen of it.
Is that a ''yes, I want him'' or are you a capcom fanboy?
I'll give it a shot if it looks good. But meh in general to any fighting game that's not Mortal Kombat.
One thing that bothers me is the flying away after every hit, which they should change, also the camera would be good for story mode but not for multiplayer, maybe the camera like in MN:ROTI. I also would like a 3 and 4 multiplayer on your local system and online.
I'm not really too thrilled about it as i really think fighting games are horribly boring...and because i usually suck at them.
I meant after that Ea Chicaco is closed, I really hope it's being made if somethings are changed at least.
The 3D one looked VERY lame. Captain America throwing Hulk through a brick wall? Yah right. :down
It looked decent but it was kinda a silly concept to have cap that strong...more than likely it was probably some ultimate cap...

to be honest, i'd be much happier seeing a dc quality fighter game, they are well well overdue for one especially since there other games have been pretty ****e.
If it's not made by Capcom I'm not interested.
i was about to post the same thing....i haven't been impressed with the any of the Marvel games. Capcom has fighting nailed. if Marvel can come up with a decent fighting system then i'd give it a chance but like i said......Marvel hasn't come out with a game that's really caught my attention for a while.
I don't like the 2D fighters that much especially the old ones.
I have taste, just a different on then yours.
Just don't flame anyone when they don't agree with you.
But why doesn't anyone want it..?
I'm not saying if it would have been released, since it's cancelled..
It would'nt be perfect but still if they listent to Marvel Fans tey should have gotten a good chance.
Well, I like 3D fighters.. does it matter..?
Hmmm...I could go either way. I barely have time for games right now anyway..

They are good for their time yes, but now I prefer 2.5 and 3D games.

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