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Download E3 demos on XBOX LIVE!


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Aug 29, 2004
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Peter Moore had a quick chat with Xbox.com to talk about next month’s E3 expo, the Xbox 360 and the Xbox Live service. Regarding E3 2006, Moore revealed in this interview that Microsoft plans to deliver special content to Xbox Live users during the expo:

"It is our goal to bring E3 home to Xbox Live members as best we can, all the videos and the news as quickly as possible," vowed Peter. "We will give you the flavor of what's going on, on the show floor and some of the stuff that we are showing and debuting here."
Xbox.com then goes onto state that, "Xbox Live members should be able to play many of the demos that even the celebrities will be testing out at E3."

source: http://news.teamxbox.com/xbox/10789/Peter-Moores-PreE3-Chat/
Yeah. Read about that yesterday. Great news!

That, combined with the free XBOX360 Live Gold week going on from May 8th to May 14th, make for a pretty sweet week coming up!
That is awesome. As long as there's a Dead Rising demo, I'll be right as rain.
Not having Live when this happens would be a shame. In fact, not having Live period is a shame. 75% of the time I'm playing is online.
Guys. lol read my above post.

XBOXLive Gold is FREEEEEE from May 8-14 :D
Dead rising and Lost planet demos are out on May 9 :up:
That's all I want. Just a Dead Rising Demo. And the Halo 3 video preview.
If we can get a playable demo of a new Gears of War level, a Too Human playable level, a playable section of Mass Effect, or pretty much any other major 360 game, it would be insanity.
I actually didn't even ponder the prospect of them releasing a Gears of War demo. I didn't think they'd do it due to the worldwide ejaculation that would occure. I'd be greatful if they released a Gears of War demo.
I just don't want them to release the same two minute segment that we've all seen a hundred times, where they ignite gasoline.
I would love all playable demos at E3 to be available on Live. From what Major Nelson was talking about... Seems like that is what they are headding for (maybe not this year though :( )

Anyway... STRANGLEHOLD demo damn it :mad:

And SUPERMAN RETURNS... So STRANGLEHOLD will look even more kickass by comparison :up:

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