Downton Abbey to launch line of wines

Downton Abbey. **** that posh ****. Gimme some Game of Thrones wine. :o
I prefer to drink my wine in the gutter like God intended.
That would be great. If the line was "I Am the God of **** and Beer."

Get your **** together, phere! :argh:

Varys wasn't aware of an earlier translation: "the god of ****, beer, and sometimes wine." The dornish wanted to help their wine trades so they produced a new translation putting emphasis on wine so wine would be used in the brothels. Their wine being the best this left them with a perfect market backed by the gods. They destroyed the earlier translations of the holy texts and paid big money to remove anyone who said otherwise. Or so I hear.:o
The article is actually quite interesting.

The thing about red Bordeaux is that it is an acquired taste. At the cheaper end, it tends to be light, dry, earthy and tannic. It's a wine for food, first and foremost. It would be pretty brave to assume that everyday claret in this mould have mass appeal. I expect that the producer will simply churn out a lot of indifferent, bulk wine and then add masses of sugar to adjust it to American tastes.

You really shouldn't buy wine based on anything other than its quality (and the proportionality of its price, of course). Its status as franchised merchandise should raise an alarm.
If you want to piss someone off, call it "Downtown" Abbey and wait for the reaction.

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