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Dresden Files

The Webmistress

Oct 29, 2012
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I am a devoted fan, love the Files. One of my favorite things is getting a new novel from there, and Cold Days comes out Nov. 27. Who else enjoys the wonderful Harry Dresden, and are wondering how on earth he can get out of his current predicament?
I´m only done with the fourth book but so far I´m really liking the series, I have the fifth and sixth book sitting in my to read pile.
I couldn't finish Ghost Story. Something about the series just started not working for me around the time of Turn Coat. I was really, really into the series up until that book. I'd watched the tv show, read the comics, all of the short stories, even played the RPG...

Perhaps I just need a break and can come back to it a bit later. I'm happy that other folks are enjoying the series, the early books are still favorites of mine.

im on White Night, i wish the show was more like the books i think it would still be on the air if it was.
I love the series. Can not wait for the next installment. Harry is one of my favorite characters of all time.
who would you cast for a new show/movie? also would you do a movie or a show and why?

I would do a tv show and use the books to the fullest.

Brandon Rough- Harry Dresden

Kristen Hager- Karen Murphy
Kristen Bell might be a good candidate for Murphy. Casting Dresden is much harder since you need someone tall who can play a smart ass really well.
i just cant see bell in the role, but that's just me.

Patton Oswalt- for the voice of Bob

Jeffrey Donovan- Gentleman Johnny Marcone

Warden Donald Morgan- Kevin Sorbo
would you guys restart the show over or do a second season?
I've caught up with everything through Cold Days.

I'd recast the series and make the actors actually fit their descriptions better. Although I thought Paul Blackthorne was good for the role and the series is what got me into reading the books in the first place. The television show went off the rails pretty much from the start so it wouldn't be difficult to reboot it into something more faithful at least initially.
I've caught up with everything through Cold Days.

I'd recast the series and make the actors actually fit their descriptions better. Although I thought Paul Blackthorne was good for the role and the series is what got me into reading the books in the first place. The television show went off the rails pretty much from the start so it wouldn't be difficult to reboot it into something more faithful at least initially.

How drastically?
Like, almost nothing alike storywise. Universewise, it was closer but still not the same.

It's been a while since I saw it but there are a few standouts:
Karen Murphy, Morgan and a handful of others aren't remotely like their book counterparts. Minor issue there but I can understand some people's disagreement with it. You literally would not know it is them until you are told.
There's a dragon at one point in a plot point that talks about another character and involves a dimension of "nothingness" in some kind of afterlife thing.
Harry has contacts and a paranet like source that never existed in the books.
The first story involves a skinwalker but nothing like what Dresden ever deals with.
They mix up a lot of details on how his magic works or just invent new stuff.
Three entire races of supernatural beings (bird people, Hellions and Incubi) who are exclusive to this series are invented.
Ghosts also show up. As well as werewolves in an unexpected fashion.
Black magic is used to repurpose a zombie corpse... repeatedly.
Magic artifacts we never see in the books show up.
Two people who are dead in the books ares alive in the series.

In fact the first book isn't even a story until the 8th episode and even it is altered extensively.
Wow. It sounds like the writers had some good ideas for a show of their own making, rather than a Dresden adaption. If I recall right, the first book had a rogue wizard with some frog demons, and the second one had different kinds of werewolves. I think the loup-garou kind were the most vicious ones.
They had a great idea for a series but co-opted the Dresden title to do it. In doing so they "ruined" Dresden's image and unfortunately I don't think we'll see it as a television series again for a very long time if Butcher ever decides to let them try again.

I also think they were too soon and on the wrong network (Sci-Fi/SyFy) to have been successful. I could go on about why but this is about Dresden, not the mistakes the science fiction/fantasy channel has made abandoning their namesake.

Movies would be nice but probably a hard sell to the studios. I can see a Harry Potter-esque series geared more towards teenagers/adults being successful but Dresden never had the numbers that Potter did though they could promote it as "Harry Potter grown up" even if outside of magic the two are nothing alike.
I've grown pretty attached to this series lately. I'd hate to see it manhandled. Having said that I'm jonesing to the point I'm probably going to have to watch the tv series on Netflix at some point. Or just make it be December already.
so i just started Ghost Story and i got to say a lot has happened to everyone in 6 months
so i have some episode ideas for a season two. they are based off of the book Fool Moon

Season 2 Dresden Files

Episode 1) Harry starts out working with a young woman, Kim Delaney, helping her to control her magical talents. She asks Dresden how to create a set of three magical circles, which could be used to contain powerful entities. Dresden withholds the information, because such circles are generally used to contain demigods and archangels. Dresden is also hired by a woman, Tera West, to find her husband who as gone missing, later that day Lieutenant Karrin Murphy, director of the Special Investigations (SI) Unit of the Chicago Police Department calls Harry to have him come to a crime scene.
At the scene harry finds a henchman of Johnny Marcone's was found near a group of wolfish paw prints. Dresden follows a lead that takes him into a confrontation with a gang of teenage werewolves. Later at the police station, he gets a tip that the Streetwolves biker gang might know something about the murder, learning The Streetwolves and their packleader Parker are some kind of wolfs themselves. They change shape but use some kind of artifact to do so. Dresden escapes unscathed, but now the Streetwolves want him dead.

Episode 2) Dresden meets Marcone when he shows up at his office. He tells him that he will pay him to keep out of the case or next time he might not be so lucky. Dresden refuses. Later Harry meets up with Susan Rodriguez: A reporter at the Midwestern Arcane and finds out that these killings are connected to Harley MacFinn, Tera West’s husband, and his Northwest Passage Project. Dresden goes to bob in order to get information about the werewolf belts and learns that the gang is what’s known as hexenwolves. Before Dresden can check on Harley MacFinn, Lt. Murphy arrests him in connection with Kim Delaney's shredded body found in MacFinn's apartment next to a summoning circle that looks like the one on a piece of paper that Murphy found at Harrys office.

Episode 3) Tera West and the Wolf gang sneak in and free Dresden on the way to jail leading to a police chase and putting Harry on the top of the polices list. Desperate and on the run Harry calls Susan and bums a ride in exchange for an exclusive on the wolf murders. Back at Susan’s place Tera tells them that she killed Marcone’s man as a message to back off, but that it just made things worse, she also tells him that he must draw the containment circle around her husband before the moon rises, or innocent people will die. But things become complicated when Murphy arrests and jails MacFinn in his human form. Dresden races to the station to get to MacFinn, but the moon rises, and MacFinn changes, slaughtering the suspects in the holding cells, the desk sergeant, and Murphy's staff. Dresden drives off MacFinn and with the help of Murphy.

Episode 4) Harry, Tera, the Wolfs and Susan track MacFinn to Marcone's estate. There they meet Murphy, who has been watching the place. Things go bad and Dresden and his allies are captured by the hexenwolves who were working for Marcone and are thrown into a pit he had prepared to capture the transformed MacFinn. Dresden and Murphy get out of the pit kill the hexenwolves and Harry uses his mothers’ silver pentagram pendant kills MacFinn. Dresden and Murphy burn the hexenwolves' belts before Chicago PD arrives—so they can never be used again. Susan evacuates the Alphas, and Chicago PD arrests Marcone on general principle. Later Tera West revealed to be a wolf that can change into human, returns to her family in the Northwest.

Sidejobs has a nice little story that occurs just before that. Fills in some of the story of what's been going on.

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