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DVD boxes...


Imminently Imminent
May 7, 2003
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What's the point of the superfluous cardboard box that comes with pretty much every DVD nowadays? You know, the cardboard sleeve with the same cover art that comes behind the plastic case.

Seriously, anybody know the point of this? Can't we slash DVD prices by getting rid of these?
why ask us? We don't see them :oldrazz:
Slipcovers. They're kinda cool. But we don't need to slash DVD prices{ever see the $5 bin at Walmart?}, prices of movie tickets need to be slashed.
Many slipcases use holographic cover art, that reflects light brighter, and draws more people towards the shelf. From what I've seen, it's mostly a marketing tactic.
Slipcovers look cool, and sometimes feature more art. Also, I would bet they cost about a penny each to make, so that wouldnt really take down the price any. You ever notice that dvds without them dont cost any less than dvds that do? Your whole plan is flawed.
I like some slipcovers (Spider-Man 3, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End) due to their flashy designs, but some are just unnecessary (Superbad, the Grindhouse movies) since they're exactly the same as the case inside.
I think it makes them look a little classier on the shelf
I hate when the damn price sticker is put on the slip cover and you can't get rid of the tag without leaving residue or ripping the cardboard.

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