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Ellen Page to Whip It!

I'm not going to rush out to this in theatres but this looks like one of those light, fun heartwarming movies that you watch everytime when it's on tv. And man, Ellen Page is so goddamn cute.
Im waiting for her to do something really intense like 'Hard Candy' again
ha ha, im friends with that chick at the beginning of the trailer (the one who later says "what are you, alternative now?").....but yeah, this movie looks lame.
Despite the film going up against the double feature Toy Story/Toy Story 2 3D Release, I think it does decent box office. IMDB says that the estimated budget is at $10 million, so if it finishes in the top five, it has a good shot at making back it's budget.
I heard this movie didn't do very well in its opening weekend, but I don't think they have very high expectation for this anyway.

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