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Elmo in big DOO DOO.

That's a funny thread title but this is awful. Hopefully it turns out to be a false accusation.
Muppets are a rowdy, uncivilized, bunch. :o
Unfortunately, even if this is proven to be false, the guy's name (and by extension the character) will always be associated with this.
This is terrible thing to happen to my... (Grover, Big Bird, Oscar, Count, Ernie, Snuffie, Bert, Elmo) 8th favorite Sesame Street muppet!

Seriously, I hope the allegations aren't true. We don't need charges of statutory following around someone who's been performing on Sesame Street to the delight of children everywhere since the 1980's.
Oh my God I just read this a few seconds ago and my jaw dropped to the floor.
Well, it very well could be that Elmo and this guy had a bad break up and the accuser is just wanting to get back at him. I'm going to hold off on damning him until we know for certain.
Thats really really sucky. Had no idea the voice of elmo was a gay child predator. Didnt even know he was gay
I hate these type of allegations because you can never be sure what really happened.

and it's a shame because it ruins Elmo for millions of kids.
You could have voted for mitt.
You could have prevented this.
Oh god. Political references.

Edit: Nevermind, I misread the article.
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I'm sure that there's some Pro-Obama guy who'll say that the alleged victim was a Romney plant, who came out with the story too late.

Why say Pro-Obama? Probama has a ring to it.

And why does this thread title sound like something Jar Jar Binks would say?
Thats really really sucky. Had no idea the voice of elmo was a gay child predator. Didnt even know he was gay

It disturbs me that you think the gay part is in any way relevant.

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