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Encyclopedia Brown in the works at Warner Bros.


Definitely Not 40
Apr 4, 2004
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Depending on how they approach this, it could be pretty great.
We had the books when I was a little Spidey and I never read them. :o
I loved those books when I was a kid.
I don't know... WB botched that Nancy Drew adaptation back in 2007. I'm dreading how they'll treat Encyclopedia Brown, if it ever makes it to theaters.
I'm betting it's not really an Encyclopedia Brown movie, but rather, an origin movie which sets up how he first met Sally Kimball and made Bugs Meany is his arch nemesis.
huh, used to remember HBO had a few series of it. The kids I babysit loved the episodes they played it so many times I was sick of them, the show not the kids :oldrazz:
It's a bit odd some of their recent choices. Either I'm way out of the loop or they're choosing once popular but now obscure books to adapt into movies.
It shows how studios are betting on brand names even when they're not relevant. No offense to those 12 Encyclopedia Brown fans out there.

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