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Everyone Remembers Their First Time


May 1, 2013
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iTunes turned 10 and is going strong! So, I put it to you, what was the FIRST (just the first folks!) iTunes song you downloaded?

Mine was "We Just Disagree" by Dave Mason. It was on Dial-up and took about 22 minutes to download. Downloaded it the night before I started my contract in the Alaskan Bush and the flight that would get me there!

So what is it folks? What was your very first iTunes download?
American Idiot, Green Day
The Ballad of Barry Allen. I downloaded 4 songs from a $10 card I got for free somewhere and haven't used it since. I had to convert them so I could use them on my phone.
I remember the first song I loved as a kid (Led Zepplin's 'Stairway to Heaven' on casette tape when I was 8), but my first iTune?!? lol no way, sorry no sentimental memory there. I'm sure, since it was the early 00's it would have been some terrible rap-rock song I'd be embarrassed about today.
One of the few things I can't remember...

I...have failed...
Foo Fighters ~ Walking after you.

I remember it like it was four or five years ago...
damns, I was thinking of something completely different when I saw the title of this thread... LOL...
I think it was Suni Clay's "My Hood". It was the one and only.

It was season 1 of Drawn Together.
When I first saw this thread I thought it was to do with something else... :oldrazz:
i dunno what the first song i ever got from iTunes was, if i've ever even downloaded any from iTunes

but the first song i ever downloaded ever was from WinMx
As someone recently forced to use iTunes: how do you people put up with this...thing?

Did Apple change their motto from "it just works", because that thing does not work. At all.

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