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Fan animated series

Mr. Mann

Jun 7, 2013
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In 2014 or 2015 I am going to do one of two things. Maybe even both depending on the outcome. I will either create a Batman animated series through Kickstarter, or I will first go to Warner Brothers and see if they'll green light it.

It is a show aimed at teenagers and adults, but more so for adults, and is not a show for kids. This will not be 'kid friendly', this will be in a way, brutal. I currently have an outline for the first season, and some of the second season, and am now working on a pilot movie script. The show if made will be forty minutes long, minus the pilot which will be between an hour to an hour and a half long. While I am writing the pilot movie, I am also looking for concept artists. If any is picked and the series is made they will be credited. I can update as this all progresses and will answer questions should anyone have any. Oh yes, the title of the series will be called "Gotham".
I don't wanna be discouraging but even if the show was amazing and the writing was on par or even better than say BTAS or YJ I don't think Warners Bros would be able to use any of it for Legal reasons.
Wouldn't this be copyright infringement?
If it's used for profit, yes. I'm not sure if ideas have to be original.
I keep thinking of Batman: Dead End, and not recalling the creative team having to face any legal consequences. Not that I am trying to create a false sense of security, but, am pointing out a recollection [that probably has a hole or two in it.]
If it's used for profit, yes. I'm not sure if ideas have to be original.

Yeah, the crowdfunding thing might be an issue, is what I'm saying. Especially if you are giving away rewards to backers.
The crowdfunding is okay (but they should all be cited as producers) as they are all partaking in creating a nonprofit production. However, Kickstarter may not allow it as it is to use already owned, copyrighted, characters.
I wasn't referring to WB/DC's stance on Fanfilms but rather making a fan production and trying to officially pitch it, Which is what he would be trying to achieve. BTW DC/WB has been pretty lenient towards Fan Films as long has you are not making money from their property. MARVEL on the other hand....

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