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Fan Art by Grey Jeanie


This is my fan art comp entry but was in too late

Tihi, I dig that Superman champ alot. Keept it up (y)
Not bad stuff, it would look a lot better colored, do you have photoshop?
Im a year younger than you and your stuff is pretty good for your age, the anatomy on some things needs a little bit of work but you are great with shading.
Do you take any art classes?
Well I'm taking art for GCSE. I have paintshop pro but I havn't mastered it enough to make anything look half decent
Let me guess, you like x-men right? lol and you DONT like Barney the Dinosaur. I can't blame you there.
Ur coming on strong with your art, keep it up! The only thing i cud say was that your limbs are a tad sausagey. Take a look at a forearm for example, the wrist is really thin, and its fatter at the elbow. give it a go anyway, it might help. Hope thats ok. But show more! we must see more!

I love the Phoenix with the flame spiral, cool effect (i might poach that off of you for a pic of mine if u dnt mind hehehe)
ur welcome jeanie, i like to think i give constructive help, even tho im normally just butting in lmao
hahah...i didnt see her bloody stump because my window was too small.....so i just thought she was constipated.
It was meant to be a bloody rag clenched in her hand. LOL :D

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