Fan Fiction: Indiana Jones and the City of Gold


Aug 6, 2007
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This the beginning of the adaption of Indiana Jones 4 from an older fans persepective. Now read.:cwink:



The PARAMOUNT LOGO dominates the screen and FADES into a large black, river rock, also dominating the screen.
The brown waters of the muddy river cut through jungle life of green spanning into the seemingly endless distance. Sounds and noises, of all types of animals show from the thick trees. Thick mists infect the area, blocking out much of the sun.



A large white and brown vessel makes it way out from the fog along the muddy water. The white, hull comes into view and reveals the name RIVER PRIDE. The ship is a typical British steamer operated by white, British crews of the day. It appears to be aged, rusted ship. A single smock stack emanates from the center allowing out white smoke.
The vessel comes closer to keep revealing the passengers aboard. About thirty tourists line the decks of the ship dressed in the traditional garments of wealthy European tourists visiting from all nations that line Europe, primarily Britain.
The tourists rest in deck chairs, take a stroll in pairs along the bow of the deck, several children and their parents are curious about the river and examine it over the railings. Overall, the passengers are enjoying the trip along the river.
We PAN to the upper deck and reveal the one man who is not a tourist. He is an American. He wears a male fedora that completely covers his face and is taking a deserved rest in a deck chair. A brown sack full of valuables sits to his right, which contains his belongings and several valuable artifacts not yet seen.


The sound of a loud TOOT comes over the whole ship and reverberates all across the decks. The tourists are slightly startled by the huge noise and many peek up at the origin of the sound.


The man in the fedora is startled by the sound and jumps. He is INDIANA JONES, famous archeologist. His hat falls off his face and onto the floor in his motion. Indiana picks it up and readjusts it on his head, now alert and awake.
He PEERS OVER to his sack next to him and examines it for a brief moment to checks that its contents are still there. He reaches in and takes out an ivory tribal head, clearly from an expedition that he recently was at and examines it for a brief moment. He puts it back, stands, and slings the sack over his shoulder.
DR. JONES leaves his chair and stretches his back, his arms spry out wide. He relaxes his poise again and moves to the deck railings and looks over the vast jungle and the tourists below.



Five raggedy dressed black river pirates appear and gaze over the river below and see the vessel steaming ahead. Several of them give a smirk and look greedily at it. Each of them have some sort of gun or blade in their grasp for their pillaging.
The leader approaches from behind the men and can be clearly identified as on top from his superior size, he is called KUTUILI, infamous pirate. He uses his hand and signals others apparently behind him to come see the prize down below for themselves.

REVEAL: About twelve more of the same clan of river pirates are waiting in the back and smiling to answer the call. They too are armored with the same amounts of weapons.


The tourists continue to enjoy their afternoon in the same activities they have been for the last several minutes. The peace is disturbed when a metal spike guiding a long rope pierces the side of the vessel.
Suddenly, the THUD of a river pirate lands on the ship. He is the first of many stringing down from a rope. The tourists look up to see something we don’t and begin to panic and become flustered. They all run in all directions trying to clear the deck.
Three more of the pirate clan slide down off the rope and all at once begin moving for the tourists. More and more pirate members come raining down on the boat in the same manner.
Seven crewmen run from the upperdeck in the alarm of the screams from the tourists. All are dressed in a same blue and white uniform and are a rugged crew, not as quite as the pirates though. They all are unarmed and run down to try and defend the vessel in the best way they can.
Two of them grab brooms and try to fight off one invading pirate. The pirate merely smirks and uses the bud of his rifle to knock one out cold onto the floor. The other crew member raises his broom to fight, but meets his match when another pirate sneaks up from behind and takes him out as well.
The remaining five rush at the two, manage to them down, but are outnumbered when six of the river pirates surround them with the rifles pointed to fire. They back down at once.


Indiana is now at the stern of the ship and is not yet aware of the chaos up front because of the long distances between them. He keeps looking over at the river scene as they steam along. All remains as it was.
Two of the pirate crew have won their way up on deck and find Dr. Jones along against the railing. They gleam at the bag over his shoulder and see the ivory head shining in the sunlight and greed overtakes them.
While INDY is distracted, one of them decides to shoot him in the back of the head with his pistol. He aims at his head and prepares to pull the trigger, but... the WHACK! of a bullwhip is heard and the gun flies into the air over the railing. Indiana uses his famous bullwhip to snatch the gun from his hand!
Indiana is now fully facing them and smirks at what he just did. The pirates are shocked at what has just happened. Nevertheless, they decide to continue fighting.
One snatches a machete from his belt and charges at Jones. Indy meets him there as they struggle for control of the blade in the air. The other pirate takes advantage of this and snatches the bag off Jones’s shoulder. Using this move and the urgency of losing his bag, Indy gives a hard blow to the pirate in the stomach and knocks him out onto the floor.
Hey! That belongs in a museum!
The pirate then takes off for a speedy run down the deck, Indiana is fast after him. The young pirate makes his way to the closest door he can find and immediately goes in his panic. Indy follows at once.


The room is dark, the only light comes from two small port holes on the right wall. What can be seen are about two dozen poorly made bunks for the crew, as well as some clothes and other assorted belongings scattered across the room. Crates and luggage are everywhere.
Indiana approaches cautiously and waits for any movement. It comes! Two of the river pirates have made their way in also and have been hiding in the room waiting for him. Neither is the bag’s thief. One gives Jones a quick hit in the jaw, while the other gets him in the ribs.
Indiana is stunned for a few quick seconds, but quickly recovers and dodges an incoming blow from the opponent on the right. He then gives a quick fist to the first pirate that attacked him leaving him stunned in return. The other takes out a pair of machetes and goes for him. Indy once again grapples with the blades now only inches from his face. The pirate begins to win the standoff, until!...
Jones sees a crate next to him and kicks it off a side table causing an avalanche of various heavy objects onto the thief to give him a distraction he needed to push the pirate off him. Indy then gives him a gut wrenching hit to the face knocking him out for the fight.
The other pirate rises and manages another hit in the forehead to Jones. Indy repulses back and then gives an irritated blow right in the jaw and knocks him onto a bed. The pirate rebounds for another hit, Indy, in return, sends him to the floor with a launch at the eye socket.
Jones looks exhausted and adjusts his hat, which was messed up in the brawl. Suddenly, a door in the other end of the room opens and light shows... its the thief! Indy resumes pursuit of this one and follows out the door.


The chase continues through a bare hall way with many doors. A stack of boxes lines one of the corners of the room. The pirate pushes over the stack hoping to stop Indy his tracks as he just did one of the pirates. The man with the hat simply runs through it without a budge.
Both then continue their pursuit through the door at the end right of the long hallway. They dodge into the room after each other.


The room is the most elegant of the ship and befitting of a sea captain. Two portholes let in light. Several pictures and paintings of classical British jungle props line the room. A very luxurious bed adorned with side tables compared to the crew bunks sits in the room’s middle. A luxury compared to the rest of the ship in all.
The pirate grabs a bottled wooden ship lying on a side table to the bed and gives it a toss at Indy. He lowers his head and it misses. The bottle shatters against the wall in the background.
The lone pirate then spots a stack of records sitting next to an ancient record player that was next to the ship and begins lowering the stack as his tosses them at Jones. Indiana must duck as dozens of records come his way. Each one shatters against the wall behind him and they only bounce off him as a minor distraction.
Now desperate, the pirate thug jumps out one of the two portholes lining the walls and disappears. Indy fails to stop him and runs out of the room for the hall. He then hears a commotion to his right.
It comes from a door at the end of the hall and Dr. Jones gives fast chase into the...


The room is stacked with food stuffs of all types. Flour, cans, fruits, vegetables, grains, some meats. Indy flashes by as he makes his way through two doors and into the next room.


Both come to rest in a mess hall. They pant for a few seconds as the chase takes a breather. It is filled to the brim with counters, cabinets, soup spoons and pots and pans hanging from the ceiling. It also matches with a black and white tile floor.
The thief goes for a hot, broiling pan that has been left on the stove next to him. He sends hot water at Indy hoping to hit him in the face! It misses and spills onto the floor.
Jones strikes back with arming himself with a large pot from the hanging clan and charging at the thief. The pirate panics and as fights back. Indy gives him a hit in the head with the pot with little response. It is forced from his hand as the two begin to then brawl for a moment and struggle across the kitchen.
They wrestle each other and roll over the cabinets of the mess hall. They pass over the room and knock assorted objects off the shelves and counter tops as they go at it. This continues for a few seconds until...
Indiana pushes the annoying thief away and which causes the pirate to rip the sack off of him. The pirate falls to the floor and quickly recovers. He pulls a pistol from his belt that he has been too busy to uses and waves his hand in a threatening motion to stand back.
Not wanting to get shot, Indy must comply. The pirate gets smart and smiles back with a proud smirk and pulls back the pistol in the air for a brief second. That is right opportunity when Indy rushes at him and sends him into a back wall line with wooden shelves with dozens of white plates lining them.
Indy and the pirate brawl for a brief moment more. The plates fall around them and shatter on the floor into hundreds of pieces. Each delivers minor punches to each other in duration. Now Indy distracts the thief and sends him a final blow as he snatches a plate falling in midair and shatters it over the head of the thief and knocks him out cold.
Jones steps back and catches his breathe as the fight ends. He looks into the bag to examine the contents. We see everything still remains that had been inside. He looks at the knocked out pirate and gives a nod as if to say: “Good day,” and walks away. He then places the bag over his shoulder and heads for the nearest exit.
He presses open a door which leads to the outside deck where the sun is shining and it seems completely peaceful from the mess hall.


He finds it the complete opposite as it is guarded by three of the pirate crew just as he thought the trouble was over. They surround him with large rifles at him threateningly and he has no choice but to stop.
One motions for Jones to follow him, while the other jabs him to obey. Jones moves begins to move with a bitter expression. At the same time, one of the pirates takes the sac from over his shoulder. They begin a walk towards the steamer’s bow.



The pirates escort Jones up to the control room where Kutili. The control room is full of levers, buttons, and steerage of a classical steamer. It is adorned with a traditional wooden wheel to guide the rudder and a glass window view which extends out to the lower deck and bow.
Out the window, we can see the tourist passengers and many members of the crew tied up and gathered in a circle on the lower deck of the vessel. Pirate guards are heavily armed and are watching over them closely.
A white bearded man, CAPTAIN, and two blue-uniformed CABIN BOYS are tied and gagged in the corner. The ship has apparently been easily taken by the overpowering pirates.
Kutili smiles as if he is familiar with Dr. Jones his guards approach. The pirate then raises a machete from his pocket and smiles as puts the blade to Indy’s chin. The remaining pirates that escort Jones remain in the same position.
The pirate with the bag hands it to Kutili. The big leader of the group peers in and slowly empties its contents onto the floor. Out falls several pieces of clothing, an aged revolver, a bullwhip, several pieces of paper wrapped local cuisine, a compass and two maps, and three ivory heads onto the floor, which land without shattering.
Kutili motions to the ground with his one free hand,and picks one of them up to intimidate Dr. Jones.
Ah, Dr. Jones once again I find you in my gorgeous part of the jungle. I know when you’re abound I now you have taken from my ancestor’s lands and emptied the treasures from culture. How long has it been since I grew accustomed to your greedy travels?
(JONES: Sarcastically)
About nine years. Tell me have any good cowardly thefts on innocent tourists lately payed off? (Looking over at the tourists together below.) Oh wait, I guess this qualifies.
Kutili gives a smart smirk at the remarks. He replaces the machete with a pistol from his belt to the head of Dr. Jones and smiles with an even larger grin.
I see you’re enjoying your visit to South Africa Dr. Jones. Taking my artifacts gives you the name among the white men as a collector, as usual.
A thief who calls himself a collector in my mind deserves death and believe me, many like you have suffered at my hands, as you well know.
Only if the one he considers a thief is stopping the sale of his own relics for cowardly acts of pirating and losing to the ones doing honest work.
Enough of your pathetic distractions! You will die by my hand for your thefts of sacred ruins of the my proud heritage. Goodbye Dr. Jones.
Kutili pulls back the trigger of the gun, prepared to fire. He raises it to Indy’s forehand and... BAM! The gun goes off!
We think the worst, but it turns out the direct opposite! Jones has moved out of the way just as the bullet left the gun because Kutili’s loose grasp. The bullet hits one of the henchmen in the head, he falls to the ground bleeding. Jones then lunges Kutili and wrestles the gun out of his hands and out of the room.
A struggle ensues. Kutili and Jones take turns giving one another blows to the jaw and face. The fighting is fierce and neither is relentless.

Downstairs, seven of the pirates hear the struggle and respond to their leader upstairs. They raise their rifles and raise to fire at Jones and take careful aim to do so.


They both endure the blows take their tolls one another. Indy gives a quick hit to the face and misses. Kutili gives a blow to the jaw that causes Indy to stumble backwards for a moment.
Gunfire takes shape from the crew down below, which bounces across the room. Indy and Kutili must move along the room to avoid the gunfire. The captain and his cabin boys move as best they can to avoid being hit.
Kutili’s men appear at the stairs and open fire. In a rush of adrenaline, Jones moves towards the door and tosses Kutili out of the room onto his men and knocking several of them down. He then seals the door shut with his bullwhip.


Kutili recovers and motions his hand for the rest of his crew to begin breaking down the door. They begin using the buds of guns to pound on it trying to get it open. They finally resort to the option and load their guns to fire.


Dr. Jones looks over the panels of switches, buttons, and levers in front of him and looks around for anything that could start the vessel. As he gazes across the levers he looks out the window to see a large sandbar in close distance and he eyes the pirates along the deck below as if it is some brilliant solution.
He has a dazed look of confusion on his face and then looks to the crewmen tied up in the corner and smiles hoping for some help in a stupid question.
Know how to work this thing?
At the same time, bullets go through the door and send several holes through, although not enough to open it.
Indiana motions over to his bag and picks it up, leaving the contents there. He moves to the tied up crew in the room with him and pulls out a machete, the one remaining thing in his bag. He quickly cuts them all loose.
They stand with expressions of gratitude and much relief. The captain opens his mouth to speak, but Indy his raises his hand and motions to the control panels to start the steamer up. The captain and crew start at once by pressing several levers and buttons.
More gunshots erupt from below and go through the glass in a swift manner. None of the shots hit, but bounce off into the wall behind. The captain and his crew look back at Indy as if he’s crazy. Indy only responds with a smile for that is all he can provide.
A loud starting noise of the engines vibrates the ship. The captain and cabin boys begin steering the boat out and look. They look at Indy in another confused state as why they are starting the boat up in the first place. He simply points ahead at a distant object, which we know is the sandbar. The crewmen do not see it and look back confused and just continue working.
The sound of a gunshot is heard and the door of the control room opens with two of the thugs trying make their way by firing their pistols in random points. They both miss everyone and go through the window.
Indy gleams at the sandbar again and decides he must act quickly. Indiana slams the door on both their hands and takes alertness forward. He grabs the wheel from the dull captain and crew and rearranges a dial next to him to read:


In a moment of desperation, Jones jumps through the window in front onto the thin piece of deck in front of him. The glass shatters all around him and onto the deck below.

The engines under the bow of the ship go into a hard furry as the give in to the orders give by the command up ahead. The ship heads straight forward.

Indy launches at the door and slams it shut on the thieves. He motions his hand warningly at the crewmen to stay away from the control panel. They stare at him as if he’s crazy, but he responds with a reassuring smirk that he has a plan.
As he is crazy it seems Indy pulls up his revolver and blocks the door, at the same time pulls up his bullwhip off the ground. Giving a careful glance outside to see if anyone is standing outside, Jones leaps through the glass of the cabin and onto the deck below. The crewmen look wide-eyed in disbelief at what has just done.

The tourists and crew gathered in a circle look at him as if he is insane. The pirates are shocked to see someone just jump out a window, nevertheless they open fire with guns a blazing and bullets going after a sprinting Indiana Jones.
Jones distracts them and runs up the stairs leading to the right of the control room, which catches the eye of Kutili and his crew. They open fire as well and rush for him. As they come Dr. Jones is at the railing and looks at something we cannot see in the distance. He then gives a deep breathe and leaps over the side.
The pirates stare at him as if he’s crazy and after a few seconds of silence head over to smile as they think he is lost in the river.

The bow of the ship remains at full speed and keeps going into a sandbar full on.

All of the pirates are gathered along the railings of the vessel and plummet over all at once as in a spectacular sequence. Not one remains on board.

The pirates fall over and fall into deep, brown water with a smiling Indy hanging from his bullwhip as they go down alongside him! Indy then begins to pull himself over the railing.

The pirates bob in the water and begin swimming to the shore. One of them looks up in defeat and mutters some sort of insult while at the same time shaking his fist. He then joins the others as they retreat.

Indy finally pulls himself onto the deck and looks exhausted from the fight. His hat managed not to slip off during the brawl, but only moves slightly to the corner. He readjusts his hat and relaxes with the expression of being ready for another adventure.
pretty good so far; though itd be more readable if you pressed "enter" once in a while :up:
Now with the subplot created, here is the beginning of the central story. For anyone not yet familiar, this will be a story taking place in 1937, and the villains will be Nazis. Here is the latest portion of the script I have released, the next will be around soon.

A small, New England university dating back to the American Revolution reflects off of autumn sky. The trees on campus abound in multiple colors and fall to the ground in assorted piles. It is autumn.
Students walk along a brick path to their assorted studies across the campus.

All teaching of ancient archeology and means of ancient history are taught in the amphitheater like classroom. Books, blackboards, ancient relics, and other classroom materials line the room.
Students crowd about forty desks apparently all stressed out and hard at work at some sort of end of the year test.
Another large desk is in the front with Jones, he is dressed in professional, yet tweedy teaching outfit, grading large stacks of the tests on it. Next to him on the blackboard is written:
The bell rings and students get a relief as the test ends. They crowd up to Jones’s desk and put their papers in a stack to be graded. In a line they pile out the door.
I will be in my office for the next hour grading these, if anyone has any concerns about their grade.
One student breaks the line and falls to his knees next to a plastic trash bin a hurls quite a bit. Everyone around him looks as if that is a mild way to express it. Indy also looks with a tiny bit of disgust from the vomit.
I didn’t think it was that hard. It was only thirty percent of your grade.
The last remaining students pile out the door and disappear into the halls at last. Indy sits at his desk still grading his papers. He finishes one paper and takes a stamp from his desk to stamp it with a big fat “F.”
Indy then picks up his papers and leaves the room, he turns the lights out as he goes.

The room is adorned with many more relics and several large book stacks lining the walls of the room. A single large desk and table center the room. Several large windows let in afternoon light from the outside.
He looks up and out a window and sighs, which reveals that the sun is shining on a nice summer afternoon and anything would be better than sitting in a boring old classroom and grading tests.
A MARCUS BRODY enters the door frame to the room and knocks on the wood frame behind Indy. He is a the Curator of the National Museum in Washington and has been collecting Indy’s artifacts for years. Indy turns his head in a bit of a surprise and then smiles to greet him.
Did you get them?!
Indy smiles and takes something from underneath his desk drawer. It is a wrapped cloth containing the three heads from earlier. He unwraps it on his desk and set the three heads up.
Brody gives the biggest smile and heads over to the desk to see the artifacts. He picks one up and examines it with a small eyeglass off Indy’s desk. He overlooks it for any possible flaw or minor detail out of place. He puts it down and grabs the second one.
Tell me, was it as hard to get this as that ruby from Japan I sent you to get last month?
Fighting through a club of about fifty show girls is pretty easy compared to about the same amount of river pirates on a steamship in the middle of nowhere.
(Looking away) River pirates?! You didn’t mention that part when you told about the dig this morning.
There are many things that any not worth mentioning in going after these old goose chases you send me on.
Not worth mentioning?! Indy, if I was still as young as you are, I would be going all over the world, instead of only thinking of those days in my mind.
If you went on my kind of adventures you would be out of your mind.
They share a laugh at that and smile. Marcus then takes the cloth that the idols were in and wraps them back up. He then gives Indy a squeaking noise comes from the doorway...
Both of the faces turn to see a POSTAL WORKER who enters the room with a large mail cart with packages and bags of letters. The worker gives a morning salute and takes a clipboard off of the pile of mail and turns to Marcus Brody.
Are you Marcus Brody? The receptionist up front told me you would be in here.
He nods and the postman gives him several letters addressed to him and then turns to Indy.
Dr. Jones are you?
He nods as well. The postman gives him several pieces of mail including a very heavy one at the bottom. Indy has to grab it with two hands an gives an expression in shock why the piece is so heavy.
The postman nods in a thanking manner and turns to pull his cart out the door and into the hall to continue his route.
Marcus opens the envelope on top and takes out the letter. He reads it and a face of shock and distress comes over him as he reads along. He turns to Indy in a flight of panic.
I will have to see you later Indy, a very important manner just came up. Someone has found a painting of mine in Canada. I knew I shouldn’t have uses a service that says its going to get your objects from country to country without a need of thought. Goodbye.
With that he waves to Indy while he is still caught in the letter and he almost walks off with the rest of his mail, but hurries back and gets it heads out of the room.
Indy begins looking through the mail, but his more immediate attention comes to the heavy envelope at the bottom of the mail stack. He peers at it and finds its addressed from a “Marylyn Stonewall in Havana, Cuba.”
He opens it to find a large piece of a golden humming bird, similar in design to the relics of ancient Mexico or Peru. Indy is surprised to see such a valuable piece sent to him in the mail. He picks it up and admires the piece with awe and close attention to detail. There is a small note attached, Indy looks at it and reads.
Indy looks perplexed by what he has just read and looks at the piece closer. On the back it reads something in an ancient language.
(Whispering.) Maiku? But it’s supposed to be...
Indy is in disbelief, but immediately becomes skeptical of the piece and takes out his eyeglass which Marcus was looking at earlier. He looks closer at the marks and presses on the eye.
Yep, it must be fake. I wonder who made this cheap replica? Probably another of my students trying to get some sort of revenge. It’ll look good in the fake gold part of the museum.

He places the piece on his desk without much care or thought and discards the note. He picks up the rest of his mail and begins looking through many assorted pieces of mail, his find only focused on that. He no longer has any interest in the relic.

Suddenly, without notice, the piece begins to float and glows with an envious green light.

Indy looks up and is in shock and awe as the object hovers over his desk for a brief moment. The stacks of the many tests in front of it, fall onto the floor and scatter in the wind. The relic then falls to the desk with another heavy THUD.

Indy is amazed at was has just happened and picks up the idol and reaches for the note. He stares at it once more and an expression as if to say this is something genuine comes over his face.
He puts the relic in the envelope, along with the note and leaves his desk. He then remembers the papers scattered across the floor. He then gives a “They’ll be find on their own expression,” and turns for a coat hanger.
He grabs his famous fedora and leather jacket. He switches off the lights and heads out in a hurry, with the door closing behind him. Indy is back!

A private aircraft sits in a hangar. Passengers of all type walk aboard and duck their heads into the plane as they enter the cabin.
Dr. Jones appears wearing a professional suit dubbed with his fedora and a larger back similar to the one he took to South Africa. He steps back for a moment and looks back, he then walks on and follows the other passengers.

Indy takes a seat a places his bags next to him. He reaches in it and takes out the note that he received in the mail and ponders it.

The plane picks up speed and flies off into the setting sun, located just off in the distance.

SUPERIMPOSED over a MAP that traces a course from New York City to Havana, Cuba.

A huge, three story Caribbean style mansion dominates the screen. A large garden adorned with a pond and fountain sticks out in front. The lights of the building are on as the full activity of a formal party is taking place on the first floor. Activity is abundant in the front.
Luxurious cars of many types pull up to a wrap-around driveway and fancy, wealthy guests exit at as cars come in and out like clockwork to delivering guests. All members are dressed in some sort of formal attire, tuxedos and beautiful gowns, make-up the crowds.
Here is the second portion of this scene. Once I get some feedback, I'll post more.


A single four seated luxury car, is driven by a Cuban driver who is wearing an itchy driver’s outfit. He is CARLITO, twenty years old, an old friend of Indy’s. In the back is Indiana Jones in a familiar white tuxedo adorned, strangely without his fedora.

The car pulls up to the front of the house and is behind one car in front of it. Carlito is a bit restless and scratches uncomfortably in his itchy clothes.


I hope this line goes quick Dr. Jones. My grandfather’s old suit is very itchy and sweaty.
He continues to fuss around enough which he could attract attention from some of the outsiders. He puts his hand on his shoulder to stop his movement.


Stop moving Carlito, you don’t wanna blow my cover. Only five more minutes then you can change.
Carlito relaxes for a second, taking in Indy’s reassurance.

This old tuxedo has seen better days, I worn this since I was in Shanghai. Smells as bad as the club I wore it in too.

Carlito gives a simple laugh at the remark. The car in front of them pulls up and he puts a gentle foot to the pedal. The car moves forward and stops in front of the attendant. The door opens.


Welcome to the party sir, we hope you enjoy your evening.


Indy exits the car and smirks in greeting at the attendant. Carlito drives away casually and follows the other cars. He then passes him and heads through a large, wooden door opened for him by a young doorman into a brightly lit room.


The room is filled with wealthy, upper-class all formally dressed, that appear to arrived from all parts of the globe. Each is in a intellectual conversation of some sort many with alcoholic beverages or fancy snacks they enjoy while they talk.

Indy passes through the crowds of people and looks around for his intended target and very reason he came to the manor in the first place, the mysterious Marlyn Stonewall from the letter. He is searching for a needle in a haystack with the huge crowds.

Indy passes keeps scuttling through the large crowds, looking and listening through the loud conversations that are taking place around him.

A young waiter comes up to him with a trey of cocktails and lowers them in front of his face.


No thank you.

The waiter turns and leaves for other guests around the party. A familiar laugh comes from in front of him. He turns to the center of attention in a large crowd that has gathered, it sounds like a Belloq. Thoughts go through Indy’s mine of possibly Rene, but it’s different.

The group is none other than Rene’s younger brother HENRY BELLOQ, famed archeologist like his brother who has traveled the world and raced against Indy for great artifacts and won many times, mainly be cheating. He stands out in the gathering with his blonde hair and fancy suit a girl rests on his shoulder holding a martini in front of him.

She is dressed in a simple, sparkled red dress, adorned with blue eyes and red hair, she is apparently in her thirties. She sits and seemingly Henry as he tells his story. By the description, she must be Stonewall.


Then the guide took a wrong turn down a path that led his part of the group straight to a quick sand pit. I was smart enough to take my half and follow to rescue them. Who was the real guide after all?

He laughs and there is an echo in the crowd of fake wealthy people around them. Stonewall smiles with great delight. Indy looks at them with some disgust with the fake props around them, and more from Belloq’s exaggerated stories he is famous for.

Belloq hands Stonewall his empty martini glass.

Please fetch some more of this fine martini for me my pet.
She falsely abides and leaves the group with a big, bright smile and heads for the bar. Indy begins to follow her through the crowds of people.
He catches up to her and grasps her gently on the elbow. She turns around and looks surprised and somewhat worried to see him. She then looks around for in a gathering away from the crowds of people and drabs him by the arm to the a dimly lit room open to the room and opens the door to a dark room, they go in and she closes it behinds them. None of the guests take notice of them.


The room is pitch black until a simple chandelier lights the room up at its center. The light reveals a large carpeted room with bookshelves, antiques, artifacts, maps and other collections adorning the walls. The room has large table desk in the side of the room.

Marlyn leaves a series of light switches and heads over to a glass case containing some sort of old book. She takes a key from her dress pocket and unlocks something under the case. She then opens the back of the glass casing the removes the book.

She walks over to Indy opens it to a certain passage, and hands it to him. Upon closer inspection it reveals to a be an old journal written in Spanish ink. It is dated “Marzo 23, 1507.” Indy looks back at her with a confused look on his face.


I’m glad you came Dr. Jones, I thought my call was going to go unanswered. You have a legacy for being a skeptic of many things.


I almost didn’t come until I found that piece of gold you sent. Now, just who are you, and what exactly was the little object that came around with me.

(She laughs) I thought you would know by now Dr. Jones. I am Maryln Stonewall, Belloq’s girlfriend. A great treasure is in trouble and I need your help in revoering it Dr. Jones read that passage and all will be revealed.
Indy follows her advice and she looks it over, he examines it and he begins to accelerate as he reads each new sentence of the writing. He finishes and looks up with a new dazed look on his face.


El Dorado?! A Spaniard actually found the city? But how?


He didn’t find the city, Dr. Jones. He was only given clues to find out how to find the location. The writing on the back of the idol shows where he got his knowledge.


(Somewhat harshly) What kind of game is this? Belloq wouldn’t send anyone, especially his girlfriend to help him find a priceless city.
I know why most of you don't want to read. It's just became obvious to me. I'm a newbie, that's okay in time you'll find of surprises and good things. In the meantime there is a desperate need for action here, so I need to know which action sequence should be in this continuing scene.


You’re right on that part Dr. Jones, he wouldn’t. I alone a looking for something behind his back. Belloq thinks he can own everything that catches his eye, including me, but that’s not the case now is it?
She takes the journal from his hand and turns to another section of the book and holds out a map for Indy and t hen hands it to him. The piece depicts a Spanish map of the New World and a big “X” one the locations.


I see your show girl look precedes you.


Please don’t get me wrong Dr. Jones I am not in it for the potential prize of something that large, I want to protect this treasure from the thieving hand of evil which would only use it for domination of the world. Like you I want to
preserve it.


I’m sure you have the map only to protect one of the greatest treasures of all time, and not to gain your own wealth.


Because Dr. Jones, why would I have summonsed in the first place?


You’ve got me their, but I still don’t trust a damsel like yourself.


I don’t need you to Dr. Jones, I am here only for the protection of El Dorado. Now please allow to explain where I obtained this information from.
Indy decides to give in and sits down at one of the large, plump couches of the room and allows her to tell the source of her knowledge.


Alright, now since you’re done being obnoxious. This journal was kept by one of Pizarro’s aids. As you know, he had many of them going around the Americas, while he searched down the Amazon for any trace of the city. This

unnamed aid found the...


Maiku, I know since they have an inscription on that idol.


(Annoyed) Correct, the tribe that is infamous for being allied with the people of El Dorado. Our only information on the city comes from them. Anyway, he was told the story and clues to the location, although he didn’t get all of them.


He ran away on his ship and sailed to find Pizarro after he lied and said he would not bring anyone else to the city. According to people in Madrid, where this book came from, the ship ran into a hurricane and all hands were lost. Many people blame it on the curse.


In my years of studying the city, I have never heard of any curse.


Nor have most, except for those who have read this account from the Maiku of the El Dorado god, Sherelizar who guards over the city. That gold I sent
you was with the journal and has some of that evil magic in it.


Is that the best you can dish out? You’re gonna have to give me more before
I trust your intentions in finding this city.


(Angry) I don’t need your help Dr. Jones. I only thought you wanted a little glory from this find.


Alright, seeing as you are pretty knowledgable of this city, let’s get to work on finding it then.

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