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Fantastic Four's going bi-lingual

Senor Fantastico y Los Quartos Fantasticos!

It sounds cooler in Spanish.
Good accent. Good pronunciation.
Wow! Not only is this article incredibly factually incorrect (see below), but Marvel publishes comics all over the world in different languages. The difference here is that this comic is being circulated inside the United States.

As far as this little quote..."It is the latest move by Marvel toward diversifying the historically white world of comics. The company created its first comic featuring a Latina superhero, Anya Corazon, in 2004. Her escapades ended after a few issues."

Well, there has been numerous Hispanic-based Heroes and Villains over the past 45 years, most notably Spider-man 2099, who was half Mexican. But the reason that these series fail is because of lackluster stories translating to low sales, not any racial bias. Spider-man 2099 was pretty damn popular for a while, too.

This is just another stupid marketing publicity stunt on Marvels part because of overall drop in sales. This article just shows the media ignorance in appealing to the culture/language war thats a big issue in many part of the states.
i wonder what the spanish equivelent of "its clobberin' time " would be?

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