Favorite Comic Book One-liners!!!


Apr 20, 2004
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As a lot of us know, it doesn't take superpowers or cool gadgets to become a hero... it takes the ability to deliver a punch-line on cue. Just look at guys like Spidey, Hellboy, and Deadpool.

There are a lot of comics out there. Name some of your favorite one-liners from your favorite comics.
One that stuck with me is in the Justice League ' a new beginning' when Gardner challenges batman to fight sans ring, and batman takes him out in one punch, Beetle says while clutching his sides laughing, 'one punch, one punch'

I know its not a witty quip or anything, just funny
Punisher War Journal 3 when three thugs play around with Castle's knife (you know the one were the blade pops out) when Castle is paralyzed. And two of the thugs get hurt by the knife thru an accident.
The Punisher: "I took out two fo them on my back. Who's BAD?" =)
"I hunger for a joy...a rapture beyond all comprehension." "That need is a part of me..." "It consumes me."
Those lines are from the Phoenix comicbook from Marvel Comics. Classic...!
In dreams when you fall, sometimes you wake up, and sometimes, yes, you die... but there is a third option... -- Sandman

Delerium: He's not mine is he? He should be mine, but he's not. His maddness... it makes him sane.

Dream: And do you really think him the only one sweet sister? -- Sandman
Its bean juice alright... human bean juice. -- Rorshach
My household appliance is on drugs. Horrible. - Spider Jerusalem
(Wonder Woman) How long have you been skulking aroundhere?

(Batman) Long enough to hear that none of you could get past your cartoonish, slack-jawed dumb-foundedness over the situation and secure any answers as to why a man we all know is dead walks around articulating like a walking anachronism. [/...]

(Green Lantern Kyle, apart, to Flash Wally West) That is, by far, the most complex sentence I've ever heard anyone utter.

(Flash) Ten bucks says he's been hiding in the shadows for the last hour, just so he could come up with a put-down that classy

Green Arrow-- Quiver (Kevin Smith) (I'm currently reading it)

"Face it, Tiger, you just hit the jackpot!" - my hero said that.
"Face it, Tiger, you just hit the jackpot!" - my hero said that.

Probably the most memorable quote ever out there. Any comic book reader would have the exact scene/panel where that line was said. It's a total classic.

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