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Fearful Symmetry (Watchmen influenced film)


Aug 4, 2007
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hey guys the movie has been somewhat delayed due to schedule conflicts but its wrapped up quite nicely and the release date is now the week july 25th. here are 2 trailers and a a few clips followed by a tease..let me know what you think! thanks.

Loosely adapted from the graphic novel "Watchmen". It takes the the character Rorschach, Daniel, Edward Blake, Moloch, Dr. Long, and Veidt, and it also uses the the "detective story" of Rorschach. There are some MAJOR diffrences.

I have included new supporting characters- Det. Grayson- He has a personal vendetta against Rorschach, and Ray Logan/The Prophet-a CIA agent with a past as a vigilantee. Anyway, the film follows its protaganist-RORSCHACH, the main plot is RORSCHACH'S detective story to find out who killed his friend, and retired hero EDWARD BLAKE, he accues the retired more "BATMAN" esque character 'DANIEL". Daniel is an insurance sales man who is bitter towards ADRIAN VEIDT, because of VEIDT is the government's puppet, and number one supporter of the anti-vigilantee act. VEIDT, is a "SUPERMAN" esque character, and is all over the news, and is the country's only LEGAL, and offical HERO or VIGILANTEE.

NOT in this movie, DR. MANHATTAN, COLD WAR SCARE AND 70'S POLITICS, SILK SPECTER or any other supporting characters that I havent mentioned. The plot is not the same as the novel, and the "villian's" motivation is also not the same.

Now I am aware that this IS the greatest novel ever (not opinion, fact) but I am nothing but a lowly filmmaker with a very, small budget. I really would like people to accept this movie for what it is , not an attempt at a "Watchmen" film, but a noir, detective story involving a few plot points and characters. This is a loose adaption, with my own spin.

trailer 1
trailer 2
clips w/teaser

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