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World FLYING/ Swinging LIKE SPIDEY!?-cables, harnesses?


Jun 30, 2005
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HEY EVERY1, as you may or may not know, I have been working on a spiderman fan film. My question is , does any 1 know answers to the following questions?
1- What kind of harness's were used in spiderman (1 or 2) for swinging?

2- Anybody have any experiance or info on wire flying?

3- what kind of cables/ pullies / mechanism's should be used?

ANY INFO OR IDEAS WOULD BE AWESOME!:D my link for my film is down there, im making my website as we speak:)
well, you could just tie a rope up and actually have your person swinging... thats what I do.
yah i May use that, but its hard on the actor if he has to do it liek a thousand times, and this will probaly haev more control. And safety wise.
can't you use a cg model for that?
yah, the only CG i am going to be doing is distant CGI, like flying though buildings ect. But im talkign about close ups, ahang downs, just to elevate some 1? Im just trying to take saftey first.

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