Footage of x3 on american idol


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Jul 7, 2005
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idk if this has been mentined yet but last night american idol showed some clips of x3. during the show, it went behind the scenes with the finalists and they all got to watch x3 on a private jet! most of the footage was the same but one that was new to me was one of beast doing a 360 spin on a pole i.e spider-man 2. but yeah srry if this was already mentioned
Yeah...It's been mentioned in the TV spots thread..

It seems sooo forced. I'm thinking Fox should have really taken a step back with this advertising.
I'm glad they did that on American Idol. Everyone and their momma's watch that show!
Saturation works!...

It worked with X2...It was advertised everywhere too...

I didn't see the clip. Does anybody have the link?

"Out of my way Runt!" Juggernaut

I think that Taylor Hicks is gonna win American Idol

Do yall think that Mr.Sinister will show up at the end?
Hicks will probably win too..

He's not the best singer, but he has the most appeal and charisma...It reminds me of the WWE.. :p

It wasn't all old footage. It showed a bit that was not in the trailer. Just a small glimpse I"ve never seen before.

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