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Apr 5, 2005
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For the UK folks, I just caught an advertisement on C4 in between Big Brother for the mail on Sunday. Tomorrow, you can start collecting 'power cards', character cards to face off against one another. No doubt some sort of Pokemon type game. They just look like the official character promos shots however.

The advertisement was accompanied with plenty of clips of X3 to bolster it. Hopefully this means the Mail on Sunday will have some sort of X3 feature, and no doubt, the Sunday magazines will all have their X3 reviews in tomorrow too.
I saw that! I was justing going to get a drink but saw that and stopped!

Huzzah. Just like Pokemon!!!!
I saw that advert aswell! I'll be getting these
I want Power Cards!... :( Hopefully, Aus will do something like this with the Daily Telegraph newspaper or the Sunday magazines.
It's the whole of Marvel btw
Id go and buy the mail on sunday...if i could actually get up and go to the newsagents before it closes at 10am
xwolverine2 said:
oh no...... they have gone too far.

It didnt come off cheesy. They have obviously done a deal with a popular newspaper...it isnt a tabloid so instead of saying how Halle accuses everyone of being racist it will probably have an interview with her or something.

They looked cool...I can remember seeing a brain. They had Pyro aswell and it showed the Iceman/Pyro fight. I thought it was a good advertisement. :up:
SpideyLad said:
The whole of Marvel?:eek:

I thought it was just the X-Men
No, in the snippet they had last week, I saw an Elektra card
I shall pop over the road and get my copy tomorrow. Might leaf through the other papers and look for X3 reviews too. :p
Power Cards! I'm gonna collect every character from each power level...or not. God that is stuupid.
I told everyone about this over a week ago, I made a thread in the Non-Spoilers section under lightning's advice.
Its only for the UK so you Americans can stop moaning!


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