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Sep 24, 2005
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hey, I was wondering, which program do you all use for avatars? Also can I download it somewhere online for free?
As far as programs expressly for gifs, Ulead GIF animator is apparently very good, and at least some version is online free. Someone else might give you advice on that.

But I personally use GIMP. It is a general image-editing program, very similar to Photoshop; it can make animated gifs with relative ease. It is also open-source, and so it's completely free.
Sorry, that's the site for the source code. This the right site:

Download "The GIMP for Windows (version 2.2.11)" and then "GTK+ 2 Runtime Environment (version 2.8.9, for Windows 2000 and newer; updated installer)". For each, just click on "Select a Mirror", then pick one off of the list that comes up.

Install the GTK+2 Runtime Enviroment, then the Gimp itself. It sounds confusing, but it is easy.
i go to setup and it says this before I install
GTK+ 2.0 runtime environment was not found on your computer. GTK+ Runtime Environment version 2.4.14 or newer is required to use The Gimp. You can download GTK+ 2.0 runtime environment from <>.
Please install GTK+ before running the Gimp setup again.
· 1024x768 or greater resolution is recommended to run The Gimp.
You need to download and install the GTK runtime environment first. It's the first thing under the main download on this page:


I did the same thing when I tried to install it. It's a bit weird to install, but once it's on it's fine.
Sure :up:. (I also got and responded to your PM). I'm not so sure about the updates, since they haven't updated since a DLed it (a few months ago).

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