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freezeface's artwork:


riding on an ice-slide
Jan 17, 2002
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here are some original characters of mine. I've made a few home-made comics about them already.





Interesting concept. What do you call them collectively?

They're a group of total strangers that are both brought together, and their lives altered, by what they believe to be a freak meteor shower accident (They're struck by what appear to be five bright meteors).
huh, pretty cool. could use a little work but it is really good.
Do you have profiles for these characters?

Civilian Name: Daniel Smith
Occupation: Private Attorney
Powers: Red can project intense heat from the sun, that mysteriously translates into red flames or beams coming from his hands. He can also use this power to fly.

Blue Phantom

Civilian Name: Bryan Johnson
Occupation: Retail Store Manager
Powers: Has the ability to become a walking shadow either during nocturnal hours, or when in the shade. Also projects mysterious blue energy beams from his chest, hence the "blue" in his name.


Civilian Name: Sandra Winters
Occupation: Assistant Nurse
Powers: Her name says it all. So long as it's for a good purpose, Imagine can think up any scenario and have it become reality.


Civilian Name: Kevin Simons
Occupation: College student, TV station intern
Powers: Capable of harnessing beams that can increase or decrease age, but only for several minutes---the exception to this is if he holds onto the beam, which could cause some serious damage. Also possesses flight.


Civilian Name: Charles Balingrad
Occupation: Stockperson
Powers: Has the ability to project fake images of himself to fool his opponent.
good chaaracters and storylines you should work more on the art or have someone do pencils while you right.

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