Ghost Rider: Road To Damnation


Sep 27, 2003
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Just found this information on Wizard's website. Looks like they're releasing a varient cover for the new series coming in September (see this thread; There are only 20 available (which I'm sure have been pre ordered by now) at the cost of a whopping $44.99. Wow.

Here's the cover.


I suggest buying two copies or the other #1. Print the above pic off and stick it too the front of one of the comics. I mean, 45 bucks is crazy isn't it? I don't even think the pic looks that good...
What bothers me is not the price, but the production number. Only 20 copies? That is a bit too exclusive.

This was a factor in why I stopped collecting comics back in '96. Too many damned variant covers.
I agree. Only 20 people are going to be able to have this... and most of them probably wont even be fans of the characters, just people out to have the value of it. In a way, it's a pretty neat thing to have such a rare item available though. I still wouldn't pay that much for it though.
The price really wouldn't bother me if I have the money available. I already spent 44 dollars on a compact disc because only 350 were pressed in special packaging.
That would make an awesome poster, I hope somebody at marvel realizes it.
If you got the money to spend, more power to ya.

What bothers me the most is how the cover looks. I really don't like it.
Me too! Maybe this is the poster that they're releasing with the comic, as I read in another thread they are doing. I mean, I'm going to get whatever one it is but if it's that... I'd be one happy boy. I mean man.
Goddamn that is just... wow. I'll buy two of it in any format.
I liked the 2ond one more, with the lightning and GR flying...
Really? Interesting. I personally am not a fan of that one at all. Just don't like the artwork.
FlameHead said:
Me too! Maybe this is the poster that they're releasing with the comic, as I read in another thread they are doing.

Yeah I like this cover a lot too but the comic shop guy showed me the poster, he had one that they sent him to put in his window (he wouldn't sell it to me :mad: ). The one he had, I believe, is the cover of the regular edition #1, it had folds in it because they folded it for mailing, he said the ones for sale would not have folds, that his was just for display.
Actually the real cover is this one:

Much, much better after the Crane digital cure uh?:D
I really dig the skull, the legs/clothes position, very natural, and the intriguing touch of the landscape on the left. It makes the jump and bike position way more supernatural..
Also this picture is the one that truly maked me like the "normal" bike style.
My favwas the Ketch GR one, but seeing this one...simple, burnt black, with realistic yet spooky take on the tires, gives me the true acrobatic nature of GR driving style. With that kind of bike, i can easily picture GR doing the impossible.
I think Crane choosed this simple look to reflect GR skeletrical nature...
The touch-ups definately give the image new life. The camera angle is a great one. Makes you feel as if Ghost Rider has leaped over your head.
Too bad the poster isn't this cover but, either way, I'm gonna get whatever it is. Maybe they'll release several as the time passes.

I too would not have gotten the folded one... unless it was the only one in existance.
Yeah, that bigger, finished picture does indeed look much better... and there is definatly something to be said for actually drawn/painted artwork... not to take anything away from Crane who is doing great work in my opinion.

Damn, I want them all!!!
The artwork is awesome and I love the way Ennis writes, although my copy has a few flaws on some of the pages, so do all the ones at my store, anyone else get that?
Me too. I was waiting for Friday... though I still may have to.
Geez I waited at the store for a half hour for it to show up!:D
It's probably not at my store yet anyway. I'm pretty sure this place doesn't get new shipments until Fridays. Being in Newfoundland sucks.
I plan on buying my 3 issues tomorrow.
I liked it. Cant wait for the story to really pick up.

I dont understand why Malachi needs GR, or maybe that hasnt been revealed yet. I liked the look of Hoss, cant wait to see him and GR fight. The only problem I had(which wont be a problem for most people) is the way the Angels were kind of "evil". Evil may not be the right word, I was hoping for "good" Angels.

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