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GIF question with Ulead GIF Animator 5...




I've been using Ulead GIF Animator 5 for the past couple of days and have been making great GIFs but I do have a question and I'd appreciate any help.

Okay, I was making GIFs but didn't know how to change the speed of them. I asked someone on the boards and he showed me how to do it. So now the GIFs are quicker but when I save them or preview them in Ulead they still play slightly slow. My main problem is that the GIFs I put on my myspace page move at that slower speed and I was just wondering if it's possible to make GIFs on the web go at regular speed or if it's just a fact that GIFs on the web go a little slower than the actual clips in the trailers etc. They play quicker in Ulead when I change the speed but when I save them or put them on my myspace page they still play at the slightly slower speed.

I'd appreciate any help,
I don't think it's the .gifs themselves, they're probably just really big so they load slower, and if there's lots of them that's strain on your connection so they all play choppy. Usually 0.05 seconds is what normal speed is. It's what I use for the transitions in my avatars, sometimes even just 0 seconds. :dry:

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