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Google Images Issue on Mobile


Screw You Mayans!
Jul 3, 2012
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I'm not even sure if this is the correct place for this thread but since this seems about correct I'll put it here.

For the past couple of weeks or so, probably after an update from Play Store the interface of Google Images has changed.

Earlier when you opened an image from the Google Images page, the enlarged image had 3 vertical dots on the bottom right which had 3 options- View Image, which opened the original image in original size directly (akin to a similar option on PC); Visit Page, which opens the source page; and Search by Image, which runs an image search.

The new interface has the image in slightly larger size (not the maximum- eg. if say the image is 600x600, the enlarged image is 384x384) with the URL of the source domain at the bottom. There is no option to open the image directly so the highly irritating thing to do is to open the source domain and finding the said image on the page itself which becomes a chore after some time, especially if the said pages are not mobile friendly.

I hope I have clearly voiced my problem and if someone has a solution to the same please help me!
do you have a screen shot?
I've noticed this too, it's annoying. I usually just click the URL and I can find the image itself on the page and open in a new tab to save. A hassle but I can't find the easier method yet.

This is how it is now... the only link present is the one at the bottom mentioning the home domain URL. No other links to open the image directly.


Now this is how the older version was. The vertical dots to the bottom right, next to the "X" had 3 pop up options that I mentioned before thus opening the image directly.


Now, I found this image on a forum somewhere which compares the two but the new version in the image has a "View Original Image" option right below the page URL. This would basically solve my problem but I'm positive nothing like that exists on my browser.

What I want to ask is if anyone around here has found a solution to this problem?

FFS Google, don't try and fix something that's not broken!
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My Google search started doing the same stuff recently. I'm assuming it's a change to Google's mobile website rather than a phone problem. I hate it too. I liked the old settings.
Which has nothing to do with the problem at hand but alright. :p

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