Google Nose

I was pressing my nose to the phone for 10 minutes :dry: lol
Oh lol, that is too funny! You were suckered bad! What scent were you trying to get a whiff of?

Oh, and you really need to try this out on your friends!
I passed on the dumpster smell...actually thinking it would smell bad and so I went for the chocolate cake. And I thought I actually smelt it...not remembering I had been eating a Thorntons easter egg. So the smell of chocolate was on my phone screen.

I then went for the lemon and was that convinced, I somehow thought I could actually smell lemon.

Then I ran over to my mother and said for her to try it and she bought it too.

Then I tried the smell of wet dog. Nothing. Sat sniffing for flowers. Nothing. Then I started searching round and had to read an article saying if you actually believed it was genuine and not an April Fools joke, you had mental problems :D
It's working for me, did you guys try deleting and reinstalling?
Wow. Next think you know people will start arguing on the forums about why gmail blue is better than regular gmail.

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